There are a lot of wedding traditions that require going somewhere. From dress shopping to bachelorette/bachelor parties and food tasting, there are so many places to go. But going somewhere isn’t always an option. Bad weather, no time off, and global pandemics can halt travel plans, even locally. You don’t have to leave your house to plan your wedding, though. Well, parts of it anyway! No matter where you are in the planning stage—or if your wedding was postponed—there are plenty of wedding tasks you can do from home.

Many of these tasks would be done at home, even if you were able to go somewhere. But it’s hard to remember that when you can’t go anywhere. Of course, what you can do depends on where you are in your planning process. We’ve broken down nine wedding tasks you can do from home into three planning stages. So, depending on how close or far away your wedding date is, there’s something you can do at home.

Early Planning

4-6 months

Many of the major wedding decisions happen in the early planning stages. This is where you choose your date, secure your venue, and start booking vendors. It requires a lot of research, like visiting websites and reading customer reviews, and calling or emailing your top choices. Thankfully, those are all wedding tasks you can do from home!

Shop for Venues & Vendors

Online venue and vendor directories, like Eventective, let you shop based on location, services, budget, capacity, and more. That way, you’re not spending hours and hours Googling “wedding venues near me.” Instead, you’re curating a specific list of event businesses that meet your needs and budget. And with Eventective, you can email or call your top choices directly—for free!

Create Your Wedding Website

Maybe you already have your venue booked, or even some of your vendors. It’s time to start filling out your wedding website! Your wedding website should have basic event information before your invitations go out. The website will be an excellent resource for guests and the wedding party as the event approaches. On many sites, you can add a schedule and engagement photos, link your registry, and provide directions and room block details. And if you don’t know where to start, we compared the top four wedding website platforms—complete with live previews and pros and cons lists.

Mid-way Planning

8-12 months

By the halfway point in your planning, you’ve booked most (or all!) of your wedding services, and your save the dates are in the mail. Now is the time to finesse the finer details of your planning. After all, most of the big tasks are finished! These wedding tasks you can do from home will keep you organized as your big day approached. (The closer it gets, the faster the days go by!)

Finish Your Registry

Now’s the chance to refine your registry and make sure it’s up to date. For example: Did you remember to add everything to it? Is it listed on your wedding website? Make sure everything is in order. And if you chose a registry alternative—the same rules apply. It should be clearly listed on your website, with all the details that guests need.

Send Thank You Cards

Let’s face it, writing thank you cards takes a long time. That makes it one of the best wedding tasks you can do from home! Make a cup of tea (or pour a glass of wine), get cozy on the couch or at your desk, and draft away. Typically, vendors and venues receive thank you cards, and sometimes a tip. But your wedding party, parents, officiant, and other helpers deserve a thank you, too! And if you’ve already had a wedding shower, add those thank you cards to the list.

Practice Your First Dance

You’ve probably chosen your wedding song by now. But have you practiced dancing to it? Even if you’re planning a simple slow dance, you’ll still want to try it out with your partner. And if you have no idea how to handle your first dance—find help! There are many dance instructors and studios who are willing to give virtual lessons for you and your partner. So set aside some time to get dancing!

Start a Seating Chart

Where is everyone going to sit? More importantly—how will the tables be organized? Start putting together your seating chart, so as the RSVPs come in, you can create your masterpiece. We recommend using online tools, like AllSeated or Socials Tables, for two big reasons. First, you’ll have a 3D view of your room and the tables and chairs. Second, you can invite event planners and venue employees to collaborate with you. It’s a win all around!

Late Planning

13-16 months

man doing wedding tasks at home

As your wedding approaches, most of the items on your to-do list are checked off. But there’s always something we save for the last minute, or don’t even know where to start! Well, now’s the time to get them done. Or, at very least, get them started. Plus, you can also use this time to double check your list and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Write Your Vows

It’s not as intimidating as it seems—we promise! And being “stuck” at home with your partner might help. Use your time at home to observe your partner, to notice their quirks and little acts of kindness. When you see something that makes you smile or giggle, jot it down. Then, visit your notes when it’s time to write your vows. (And don’t forget to practice your vows, too.)

Make Your Playlist

What songs will or won’t be played during your reception? If you left entire music control up to the DJ or entertainer, then you can skip this step. But most DJs or entertainers will want at least some direction—and they’ll definitely want to know what not to play. Spend some time reviewing your own playlists, listening to the radio, and revisiting top hits from the past few years or decade. And if you’re friends are home, too, ask them to help.

DIY Centerpieces

Only start your centerpieces if you have all the materials, and if they will store well until your wedding day. If you were planning on having help—that’s OK! Set a small goal, like completing three centerpieces a day, until you’re all done. And if you are able to invite anyone over, they can have their own three-a-day goal, too.


9 weddings tasks you can do at home

Whatever is keeping you home, you don’t have to lose momentum with your planning. Most research can be done online or over the phone, and some tasks, like writing thank you notes, have to be done by you, in person anyway. Of course, if you’re at home for health or personal reasons, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get your tasks done. If you’re not feeling your best, you won’t be able to complete your best work. Take it one task at a time.

What are some other wedding tasks you can do from home? What tasks have you already done at home?