Congratulations on finding your forever love! The first few weeks of your engagement are probably a blur. You’re announcing the big news to your close friends and family first, then to the general public. You may have already started some basic wedding planning, too, discussing what time of year you want to tie the knot. Aside from an engagement party and engagement photos, there aren’t many ways to celebrate your recent exchange of rings. And that’s exactly why you should consider getting engagement photos taken.

Engagement photos are exactly what they sound like: Photos that you take during your engagement. Typically, couples pick a location that’s special to them or matches their wedding theme. They also usually coordinate their outfits to match the scenery and/or the theme of the wedding. It doesn’t have to be formal; you can be as casual as you want to be! But you should put some thought into the location and attire so the photos look cohesive and intentional.

Of course, engagement photos aren’t for every couple—especially if you have a short engagement or are working with a small budget. But if you’re on the fence, these seven reasons may just push you over to one side or the other.

1) You can practice for your wedding photos

For most of us, posing in front of a camera dressed to the nines isn’t an everyday occurrence. It can be difficult and awkward to figure out the right pose or where to put your hands. But when you take engagement photos, you can work through all those questions—without the high stakes of your wedding day! You can figure out what poses feel natural and what ones don’t. You can even practice with hair and makeup styles, too.

2) You can practice with your photographer

Working on your hand placement, poses, and angles is new for most of us—and working with a photographer is, too. Your photographer may not be in your wedding photos, but they do play a huge role. During the shoot, the photographer will coach you and your partner and help make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Because they play such an important role, it’s good to practice with them before your big day.

3) You can try out different photographers

On the flip side, because photographers are so involved in your photos, choosing the right photographer is critical. Taking engagement photos is the perfect way to practice with multiple photographers if you don’t totally vibe with your first choice. Yes, testing different professionals will cost a little bit more, but it will be worth it to get the perfect wedding photos. And if you’re not sure that you’ll love your first choice, don’t book the wedding photos just yet. Instead, wait until after your engagement photos before making a wedding decision.

4) You can take engagement photos in a different season than your wedding

take engagement photos in a different season

Maybe you’re getting married in the late spring because you want a warm wedding—but you also love autumn. Well, take your engagement photos during the fall and your wedding photos in the spring! That way, you get professional photos for both seasons in a variety of outfits, too. This is also great if you have a favorite fall spot. Maybe it’s a local hiking trail or your favorite brewery. If you’re not hosting your wedding there, you can set your engagement photos there to make them extra personal.

5) You’ll have photos for save the dates, thank you cards, and wedding websites

If you’re wondering what you would even use engagement photos for—the list is long! Typically, couples send out save the dates and separate, formal invitations. Although pictures aren’t required on either of those pieces, it does make them both more personal. Plus, you can use them to print your thank you cards ahead of time, so you aren’t waiting to get your wedding photos. And finally, you can put them on your wedding website. Of course, you’ll want to add other photos from your relationship in any photos albums. But high-quality professional images will look the best as your home page and throughout the website design.

6) You can document this time of your relationship

Being engaged is a precious time in your life. It doesn’t usually last more than 18 months—which isn’t long, compared to forever! Plus, you’ll spend the majority of that time planning for a wedding. So, a photo shoot is the perfect way to commemorate your engagement and focus on just you two. For a super special engagement celebration, make a day of it! Go for dinner or a couple’s massage after. Pause the wedding talk for a day and just connect as the two of you.

7) Just because you want to!

take engagement photos because you want to

You’re getting married! If you want to celebrate with engagement photos, then go right ahead. There are plenty of ways to use your photos, including simply displaying them in your home. If you’re waiting 18 months to tie the knot, you don’t want to also wait for those photos. (After all, it can take another six weeks to get the photos, too!)


You don’t need a reason to get engagement photos —wanting them is enough! But if you do want to get photos taken, there are six benefits to you and your special day. Not only will you have beautiful photos to document this special time in your relationship, but you’ll also have photos to use for invitations and thank you cards and your wedding website. All in all, engagement photos are a great way to celebrate!

Are you planning on getting engagement photos taken? Why or why not?