Eventective Laptop Leads

Your Eventective listing provides the opportunity to participate in our Pay-Per-Lead Program to purchase inquiries where brides, party planners and meeting coordinators have requested information about their events be sent to venues and vendors for competitive bid. 

Many of our clients leverage the Pay-Per-Lead Program to generate business.  However, businesses should be prepared that responding to and following up with leads is a time consuming selling process. 

It’s a Numbers Game

You’ll often hear the phrase “purchasing internet leads is a numbers game” and that is very true.  Many Eventective clients report an average closing rate of 5% or more on leads.  It is important to anticipate internet leads to have a high non-response rate as planners have many choices for their events and often do not respond to businesses. 

You may have to purchase 25, 40, or more leads before you close one event.  To help manage your expectations and optimize your leading buying experience, one of our clients has developed an educational series with his tips and best practices.

Non-Responsive Planners

Even after working leads, there are still planners who do not respond.  Eventective offers clients with Annual Subscriptions a refund for every lead that is non-responsive 12 days after the lead purchase date. 

Planners are Price Shopping

For a majority of planners, the number one question is “what is my event going to cost?”  An Eventective poll found that price is the most important consideration for planners looking for event spaces.  Because they are often unaware of the actual cost, they use the internet to price shop.

Eventective’s provides planners with pricing information upfront and lets you market your event spaces and services in the form of packages.  By including packages with prices on your listing, you’ll receive more direct, qualified leads!  Because planners already know your rates, they will be more interested in the services you offer and the value you can bring to their events.

Market Event and Meeting Packages

A package can be as simple as a meeting room for four hours or include more services such as event space, food and beverage.  Be creative and offer packages for different event types, time periods and price points. 

Promoting and selling packages on your listing complements your other sales and marketing efforts.  If you are responding to leads, send a link to your packages on Eventective.  Inexpensively enable your website for e-commerce by including a link to your packages that customers can book right from your site.  Learn more about event packages.

Make a Good First Impression

Listings with packages are getting more views and referrals from planners because it provides information they want – rates and availability!  It also gives you the ability to market your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

With over one million visitors to Eventective each month, make sure to showcase your business.  Login to your account and take advantage of all the features your Eventective listing provides to market your services and improve your ranking on the site!

  • Include a business description and photos. 
  • Create packages with pricing information. 
  • Ask customers to write recommendations on your listing.
  • Manage your events and appointments with the calendar availability feature.
  • Respond to event requests with our robust Inbox tool.

If you need access to your account, have questions or would like help setting up packages, please contact us.

Email:  cs@eventective.com

Phone:  207.253.1653