Nadia and Co Flower Tower Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is an important part of your special day—after the dress, the cake is the second biggest feature. There’s a whole section of the reception dedicated to presenting and cutting it, photos are taken, and usually the top tier is saved for the one-year anniversary. Besides tasting delicious, your cake can also enhance the theme and atmosphere of your entire celebration.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these breathtaking creations below—they’re not just desserts, they’re works of art.

1. This birch tree wedding cake

Created by: Bentley’s Bakery and Cafe
Located: Vermont

Inspired by nature, this cake is perfect for any rustic-themed or winter wedding. The blackberry and chocolate wafer toppings bring out a richness that will inspire your guests.

Bentley's Bakery and Cafe Birch Tree Wedding Cake

2. This succulent wedding cake

Created by: Autumn Nomad
Located: New Hampshire

Succulents don’t just make great favors and centerpieces—they look heavenly nestled around the layers of your cake. Plus, they give you a splash of color, so you can choose between an all-white cake or one with color.

Autumn Nomad Succulent Wedding Cake

3. This minimalist wedding cake

Created by: Crummb
Located: Singapore

Your simplistic wedding needs a cake like this one. With minimal decor, the clean lines speak for themselves, showing a strength in simplicity. Similar variations don’t include flowers, if you’re looking for a truly clean dessert.

Crummb Minimalist Wedding Cake

4. This geode wedding cake

Created by: Intricate Icings Cake Design
Located: Colorado
Photo by: Ali N Garrett

We promise—this really is a cake and it really is edible! The elegant-yet-earthy feel of this wedding cake means you can celebrate anywhere from the beach to the country club.

Intricate Icings Geode Wedding Cake

5. This ombré wedding cake

Created by: Jacques Fine European Pastries
Located: New Hampshire

Our favorite part of this cake is the sweeping wavelike-like frosting that ends with a flower. This colorful work of art moves like the ocean—the perfect accompaniment for any beach wedding!

Jacques Fine European Pastries Ombre Wedding Cake

6. This flower tower wedding cake

Created by: Nadia & Co
Located: Toronto, Canada

Elegance and grace exude from this wedding cake. The care placed into every detail is clear—the same care you planned your whole day with. So why not serve a cake that matches your level of work?

Nadia and Co Flower Tower Wedding Cake

7. This marble wedding cake

Created by: Nutmeg Cake Design
Located: Pennsylvania 

This cake doesn’t look like it’s made out of, well, cake! Popular in modern weddings, this creation is perfect for color customization. If the black is too dark, request a color that’s in your theme, and the marble look is all yours!

Nutmeg Cake Design Marble Wedding Cake

8. This urban geometric wedding cake

Created by: Olofson Design
Located: London, UK

This cake is glamorous, and it will steal your reception-room show. It makes a bold statement on its own, regardless of where or when you’re having your wedding—so don’t expect guests to leave talking about the centerpieces!

Olofson Design Urban Geometric Wedding Cake

9. This life-sized wedding cake

We know we said eight, but we couldn’t resist including this life-sized cake from Dallas, Texas featured in Metro UK. Weighing 400 pounds, and requiring 200 eggs, you won’t ever find a wedding cake more unique. If none of the cakes on this list make the cut, create one based on the best masterpiece—yourself!

Life Size Wedding Cake