Is eloping right for you?

Every love story is different, and that means every wedding is, too. Creating that special celebration for you and your spouse is what makes it fun and unique. For some couples, the perfect wedding day includes a small, private wedding with little-to-no friends or family present. If that sounds like a nightmare to you—stop reading right now, because eloping is definitely not for you.

But if the thought of special moment shared just between you and your spouse—free from any family drama, expensive meals, or highly detailed event planning—sounds like a dream, keep reading. Eloping just might be the thing for you.

Is Eloping Right For You? Let's find out!

Eloping is right for you if you’re a private person who doesn’t want the fanfare of a wedding ceremony.

Let’s face it—walking down a long aisle with everyone you know watching isn’t how most people choose to spend their free time. Consider bringing a close friend or family member to be a witness and to take pictures during the proceedings. Even if you don’t want to be the center of attention, you’ll still want to remember the moment with photos!

Eloping is right for you if you have competing family demands.

Everyone has opinions for your special day. And while you may love your family and want them to be happy, everybody’s opinions might conflict with each other. Or worse—they may conflict with what you want. Don’t feel forced to choose between family members; instead, don’t comply to anyone’s opinions and elope!

Eloping is right for you if you don’t have the budget for a big wedding.

Yes, there are definitely places you can trim, and ways to save money for your wedding. But sometimes, that still isn’t enough. Or maybe you have too many friends and family to possibly invite to a wedding—so don’t! Elope and celebrate with them all when you return in a low-stress environment.

Eloping is right for you if you want a destination wedding.

Dreaming of a sunny wedding in Hawai’i? Or a romantic wedding in France? Don’t expect your friends and family to afford a trip like that—but don’t let it stop you from taking one, either! Plan the wedding you want where you want it. It is, after all, your day.


Eloping isn’t for everyone, especially if you have a large family or a tight-knit one. While your wedding is your day, you don’t want to upset your entire family at once! If a small hideaway wedding is still perfect for you two, consider letting everyone know you’re eloping—but don’t tell them where. Then, plan a celebration party when you return, so everyone can share with your joy. You get your runaway wedding, and your family still gets to be involved.