While your first dance is a magical experience, choosing a song can be anything but magical! Some couples do have “their song” from a first date or special moment in their relationship. But most of us don’t—we have to go looking for one as the Big Day approaches.

Thankfully, plenty of musicians have fallen in love, so there are lots of songs to choose from. With a little listening, you’ll be able to find a first dance song that is unique to your relationship—without feeling overplayed. To save you a little time (because there really are a lot of songs out there!) we’ve compiled a list with the best first dance songs that were released in 2019. That means they’re still new enough for your 2019 or early-2020 wedding.

This list has everything from folk to R&B with some country sprinkled in. There are songs about new love, young love, and unshakable love. Choose your favorite genres, and take a listen! You just might find yourself dancing to one of these sounds for your very own love story.

“The Bones”
Maren Morris

Genre: Country
Perfect for: Barn Weddings

Just like every house needs a sturdy foundation, relationships need to be built with good bones. This song celebrates strong relationships that can withstand the storms of life—even if it looks less-than-perfect from the outside. Morris’ first EP was released in 2015 and she’s taken the country music world by storm ever since. In 2016, she won New Artist of the Year from the Country Music Association, followed by New Female Vocalist of the Year in 2017 from the Academy of Country Music.

Bonus Tip: For full song effect, we recommend playing in a barn with well-loved beams!

“Young And In Love”
Ingrid Michaelson

Genre: Pop
Perfect for: Young Couples

You can’t help but wiggle your head to this upbeat pop-meets-indie track. The song comes from Michaelson’s ninth studio album that was inspired entirely by the hit Netflix Original sci-fi show Stranger Things. As super fan herself, Michaelson started writing Stranger-Things-inspired poetry that resulted in her newest album. But don’t worry—you don’t need to be familiar with the show to enjoy this track (or any of them!).

“Steady Love”

Genre: Neo Soul
Perfect for: Older Couples

Romantic comedies have us believing in love as a rollercoaster ride. And while there are certainly ups and downs in every relationship, India.Arie understands that love should be reliable and consistent, not fickle and unsure. Smooth and easy, “Steady Love” premiered on Worthy, the sixth studio album of the four-time Grammy winner. The album is an anthem of respect, both for self and for others. A perfect theme for a first dance!

“No Place”
Backstreet Boys

Genre: Pop
Perfect for: Long-distance Relationships

Is anyone really upset that BSB is back on the radio? They never really left—but they’re back with a new, yet so familiar sound. This song from their eighth US studio album celebrates coming home to the ones you love. The music video stars each member’s family, capturing those precious little moments that can’t be found anywhere else. Perfect for couples in long-distance relationship, or high-travel jobs.

Taylor Swift

Genre: Pop
Perfect for: Couples Living Together

Recent radio singles from Swift have boasted upbeat anthem-like sounds. But this title track from her seventh album presents a slow-dance-worthy sound that we can’t ignore. “Lover” romanticizes the little luxuries of being in love—like leaving the Christmas lights up past December, or letting friends crash on the couch. It’s simple and honest, just like all first dance songs should be.

“Beauty Marks”

Genre: R&B
Perfect for: Previously Married Couples

Another powerful title track, “Beauty Marks” celebrates the raw and honest parts of love. Instead of criticizing scars from her past, the singer’s lover shows, “that my scars are beauty marks.” It’s a powerful message of embracing all the parts of your spouse—an especially important reminder on your wedding day. Although he album received mixed reviews, this single stands out for a first dance pick.

“L O V E L O V E”
Jeremy Lister

Genre: Folk
Perfect for: Outdoor Weddings

For Lister, love is “deeper than an ocean” and “bigger than a setting sun.” The excitement he feels over falling in love is contagious—just like the upbeat sound of this track. Like other first dance songs on this list, “L O V E L O V E” was inspired by true events as Lister explored the vulnerability of falling in love, and the struggle to say those three little words in his own way.

“Tip of my Tongue”
Kenny Chesney

Genre: Country
Perfect for: Romantics

After almost a year since his last single, Chesney is back with his latest masterpiece co-written by the one and only Ed Sheeran. Connection is the song’s theme, exploring both the physical and emotional bonds that lovers share. “Tip of my Tongue” blends Chesney’s country sound with Sheeran’s contemporary romance—resulting in one of the most romantic first dance songs.


Of course, more than just these few songs came out in 2019—and the year isn’t over! Do you have a love song from 2019 that you’ve been listening to on repeat? We want to know what songs we missed! Share the song with us below and it just might make it on a continued part-two list.

What love song are you listening to right now?