Unfortunately, you can’t even have your cake and eat it too on your own wedding day—but you can come close! You can have donut walls, cupcakes, or even all three if you want to get crazy. But you probably have a budget to stick to, and limited venue space, so let’s look at some pros and cons of each dessert to find the best fit for you.


Wedding cakes Vs. Cupcakes

Traditional cutting of the cake
Decorated to match wedding theme

1-2 flavor options for guests

With the most traditional of the wedding desserts comes the most compelling feature—your wedding cake can match your overall wedding theme. Planning a minimalist wedding? Have an all-white, textured wedding cake. That same elegant-yet-simple look is difficult to convey on a cupcake or even a donut. Admittedly, though, matching your décor will have to trump offering guests lots of flavor choices.


Flower Cupcakes

Less expensive
Still has a decorated element

Messiest option

Cupcakes are the perfect combination of elegant and personal—you can decorate them to match your theme, while also providing your guests with flavor options. Unfortunately, cupcakes are the messiest option, which guests might not appreciate while they’re dressed up for your special day.

Donut Walls

Cupcakes or donut wall?

Multiple flavors at once
Adorable puns (e.g. “Hole lotta love” and “I donut know what I’d do without you”)

Need the wall space to display
Traditionally a finger food

Saving the most unusual and trendy for last, we have donut walls. Donut walls are made by placing donuts on pegs or hooks on a wall or backdrop. This option lets you get creative—you can have multiple flavors, and even spell out the word L-O-V-E with the donuts for added cuteness. But while donut walls can satisfy the pickiest of guests with multiple flavor options, that picky guest might not want to use their hands to eat dessert when they’re in formal clothes.


Cake, cupcakes, or donut walls?

The ultimate trend for both your budget and your personal style is having some combination of the above dessert items. Do you and your spouse want to cut the cake, and freeze some for your anniversary? Have a small cake to do just that, and offer guests matching cupcakes or complementary donuts. The most important pro is choosing the option that best fits your plan for your wedding day.