Pink Angel Cheeks peonies in a metal vase.

As weddings continue to populate the 2023 calendar in a big way, we’re keeping an eye on trends to inspire planners, guests, venues and vendors. “2023 wedding trends” is a unique way to describe what we’re seeing as details seem to be narrowing in on personal preference versus what’s in vogue. With some easing around conventional thinking, we’ve pulled together distinctive looks and locations to consider as the year unfolds.

Throw a Little Shade

Row of bridesmaids and bride in violet dresses with bouquets at wedding ceremony

While neutrals will always have a place in the palette, now is the time to make a statement with color. With potential inspiration from Pantone’s Color of the Year (Viva Magenta, a deep pinkish-red), rich tones are poised to make a splash. Thinking more monochromatic or bright patterns? Take a significant swing when it comes to your color story and don’t be afraid to get vibrant.

All in the Family (and Close Friends)

Small wedding ceremony tablescape in an outside courtyard

There’s something to be said for an intimate gathering. It cuts down on costs and makes for more meaningful moments between you and your attendees. Trimming the guest list might seem like a challenge, but consider a sensible number and see where it takes you. With countless venue options to accommodate smaller groups, that freedom will allow you to focus on what you really want. The pressure will be off on particulars like place settings, especially if your guests can all fit around one table. You’ll also be able to go big on the rest—your priorities won’t be competing when you’re planning for just close friends and family. 

Swap Single-Use for Sustainable

Rustic zero waste wedding decor with natural elements.

With an eye for eco-friendly options, couples are considering the influence of environmental efforts on 2023 wedding trends. There are several small changes you can make that will have an impact while doing away with the waste. A shorter guest list is a great way to go green (and save some green) while not feeling like you’re compromising. Virtual invites track your guest info so you can stay organized as you cut down on your carbon footprint. When it comes to attire, second-hand wedding gowns are becoming a popular way to give new life to that extra-special garment. Simple steps are the way to go when it comes to showing the planet some love on your big day. Think about where you can cut back on single-use and aim for something sustainable.

You Are Where You Eat

Pots of herbs placed down the center of a table setting

Investing in local vendors is a wonderful way to personalize your day and showcase the regional flavor. When you think about farm-to-table, food and drink sourced from local suppliers will provide an authenticity that elevates. Research what’s grown in the area and what’s seasonal to the time of year for a difference in how you approach menu planning. If you have the time, grow your own ingredients as a fun and festive option—even if it’s just basil or mint for the cocktails. If your audience is up for a change, going plant-based might push the boundaries of flavor and composition. It will thrill your vegan attendees and surprise the skeptics.

It’s the Destination

Rows of chairs set up for a tropical seaside wedding ceremony as part of the 2023 wedding trend for destination weddings

Who doesn’t have the urge to travel these days? A destination wedding is a welcome excuse to get out of town and celebrate. Events that require travel typically trend towards a shorter guest list, balancing out the cost. Whether you’re thinking mountains, lakefront, or city roofdeck, there are endless opportunities (search Eventective, we’ve got you covered!) to customize around the destination. It’s a built in vacation for you and your guests, allowing for an extra level of excitement. When you let the location play a supporting role on your big day, you’ll create an experience to last a lifetime.

Peony for Your Thoughts

Pink Angel Cheeks peonies in a metal vase to highlight the 2023 wedding trend of statement flowers

Building a bold flower palette is easy when you narrow in on one variety. By forgoing multiple styles and choosing one statement bloom, you’re sure to make a big impact in a simple way. Always think about what’s in season. Are you partial to late-summer sunflowers or will peonies be at their peak? Anchoring your bouquets and table settings around a single species will provide an extra pop of personality.


As we look ahead, it’s clear that 2023 wedding trends favor the bold. From big colors and impactful florals to sustainable considerations, get ready to make a statement this year. Eventective makes it easy to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of wedding planning. Be sure to check out venues and vendors in your area—or destination—and we’ll help you plan a perfect and personalized celebration.