It’s the quintessential Valentine’s Day movie scene: Someone’s partner forgot to make a dinner reservation, so they’re begging the maître d’ for a last-minute table—any table! Yes, even the tiny table in the middle of a restaurant so crowded, there’s isn’t enough walking room to go to the bathroom. Of course, not everyone’s Valentine’s Day dinner is that stressful. Hopefully, none of your dinners are that stressful! But if you’re looking to avoid the reservation rush or just want to stay warm and cozy in the middle of the winter, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of ways to make an at-home Valentine’s Day date special.

There are lots of benefits to an at-home Valentine’s Day date, too. For starters, you’ll probably save some money. Holiday or no holiday, going out adds up. Once you’re already out spending money, it’s easier to just spend more. But if you stay home and already have what you need for your night, impromptu spending is less tempting. In addition to saving money, you can celebrate at any time of day, any way you like. There aren’t waiting lists and arriving 30 minutes early for parking. You can celebrate in your PJs, at 10 a.m., or in front of the TV.

Yes, we know you can technically go out to dinner in your PJs. But at-home Valentine’s Day dates give you more freedom to celebrate your love the way that you want to—social etiquette aside. The options are endless, too. If you can do it at home, then it’s an option for your Valentine’s Day celebration. In case you need a little bit of inspiration to get started, though, here are seven great ways to celebrate an at-home Valentine’s Day date.

1. Make your favorite meal together

make dinner for an At-Home Valentine's Day Date

You can still have a Valentine’s Day dinner date at home! Of course, you can order in and skip the prep time. But making a meal is a wonderful way to bond and spend some extra time with each other. You can choose your own recipe or you can schedule a delivery service that will send you all the ingredients you need. Goldbelly and Harry & David are just two places that will send you romantic meal kits for two. They’ll send the ingredients, and you have the fun of making the meal. And don’t forget to grab a bottle of your favorite Valentine’s Day drink, too!

2. Take an online class

Do you and your partner share a hobby? Are you looking to learn a new skill together? Maybe one of you wants to share your passion with the other. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s an online class for that! For example, you can take a mixology class, learn a how to Salsa, or get introduced to the world of floral arrangement. Your local brewery or winery may even be hosting a chocolate pairing class online. If you’re not sure where to start, make a list of some new things you’d like to try or skills you’d like to improve. Then compare your lists too see if there’s any overlap or an idea you both really love.

3. Present scavenger hunt

If you exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, give it a fun twist! Instead of simply handing gifts to each other, set up a scavenger hunt around the house for your gifts. The clues can be inside jokes hidden in items that have significance to your relationship—the gravy boat from your wedding that you never use, the shot glass you bought in Mexico, or the stuffed animal from your first date. It’s a romantic and fun way to re-live some of the best moments from your relationship. Plus, there’s a gift waiting at the end.

4. Have a game night

game night for an At-Home Valentine's Day Date

For some couples, food isn’t an important part of the celebration. Maybe you’d rather do an activity instead. If that’s you, it’s time to break out the games for a good old fashioned game night. This can mean video games or board games—or both! It doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying each other’s company. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. And you get bonus points for creatively choosing your next game. For example, you can pick out of a hat, take turns choosing the next game, or only play games that start with the letter A.

5. Breakfast in bed

Who says you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day at night? The best part of an at-home Valentine’s Day date is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. If you like to hit the hay early, simply turn your romantic dinner into a romantic breakfast. Serve up your favorites and take them back to bed! You can put on some music or your favorite TV show. Or simply enjoy some early morning conversation. That sounds more relaxing than any Valentine’s Day movie!

6. Camp or picnic outside

Staying home doesn’t mean staying inside. If you live in a warmer state, your February yard may not be covered in snow. A romantic afternoon picnic or evening under the stars is perfect for the outdoorsy couple. You can set the picnic mood with music and wine, or make your favorite cocoa to sip under the stars. With at-home Valentine’s Day dates, what you do isn’t as important as where you do it and who you do it with.

7. Marathon your favorite TV or movie series

7 At-Home Valentine's Day Date ideas

We all have that one show we’ve been meaning to watch, but just haven’t found the time. Maybe your partner has been working double shifts or maybe you’ve been working double shifts. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to cozy up on the couch and catch up on your favorite shows together. Make some popcorn, put the PJs on, and grab extra blankets. You’ll be there for a while! And if you’re all caught up on new shows, put on an old favorite, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Of course, Valentine’s Day is about who you’re with. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, too! And for some couples, going out just isn’t fun. Instead, at-home Valentine’s Day dates are the perfect way to celebrate. There aren’t lines, you can celebrate at any time of day, and you can celebrate in more creative ways. Plus, you may even save a few dollars.

Which idea do you like best? What idea would you add to this list?