As we grow older, our birthdays tend to be less of a milestone and more of just another Tuesday. But we’ve all been through a lot these past few years, and a birthday party—for anyone—is something to celebrate. These nine adult birthday party trends are coming in strong in 2022. You don’t want to miss them! After all, one of them may be the perfect way to celebrate your next birthday.

With most events, we tell the planner to consider the guest list before picking the venue, the meal, or the entertainment. But for your birthday party, your guests don’t need as much emphasis. Yes, of course you want your friends and family to have a fun time. After all, it would be a terrible birthday party if no one had fun. Just make sure you choose something that you want to do. Your friends will show up to support you no matter what.

However, if you do choose something a little unconventional, like axe throwing or traveling out of town, give your guests a head’s up. Let them know what to expect, so they can know how to dress and how to prepare, if need be. It doesn’t give them control over the agenda, but it does ensure that they have a fun time. Which, in turn, ensures that you will, too.

1. Axe Throwing

adult birthday party trends axe throwing

Axe throwing is exactly what is sounds like: You and your friends throwing axes at a target board. It’s like darts, but much bigger! Unlike darts, however, this isn’t casually done at a bar or in your living room. Instead, there are indoor and outdoor axe throwing venues where you can be safe while you’re hurling the wood cutters. At these venues, you and your friends rent a lane and some axes for throwing. It’s perfectly safe, too, because the lanes are blocked off from each other. That way, no one’s axe can stray into another lane.

2. Renting a Party Bus

A night out on the town is always a fun way to celebrate your birthday. But it can be challenging to find parking for everyone and make sure they all get home safe. That’s why party buses are an adult birthday trend! You and your friends all meet at one place, like your house, and the bus driver is your designated driver all night. You can stop at your favorite local bars and even have a few drinks in between while you’re heading to the next place. Then, you get dropped off back home where your friends can crash.

3. Rock Climbing

adult birthday party trends rock climbing

Maybe instead of going around the town, you want to go up it. Rock climbing is a great group activity and a popular adult birthday party trend. You and your friends can meet at the indoor climbing spot and then head out for drinks or food afterwards. It’s an especially good idea if your friends don’t all know each other. Sometimes, talking over drinks can be intimidating because all there is to do is talk. But when you’re rock climbing, you can have quick chats in between climbs.

4. Wine or Beer Tasting

Of course, if your friends do all know each other, then drinks is a great idea! Specifically, a tasting. You can do tastings of beer, wine, whisky—whatever your favorite beverage is. And you have options for the venue, too. Of course, you can go to a brewery or a winery and try a selection of their drinks. Or you can purchase a few bottles of wine or whisky and hold a tasting at your home. By going out, there’s nothing for you to coordinate or clean up. But by staying in, you can sample from multiple places. The choice is yours!

5. Learning a New Skill

Is there a new skill you want to learn? Or maybe a new hobby you want to start? Start on your birthday! Invite your friends to a mixology class or to learn a new dance style. No matter what you choose, keep it to an hour max. Yes, your friends want to celebrate with you. But this also isn’t their interest—it’s yours. So don’t keep them for too long doing something they may not love.

6. Renting an AirBnB

It’s your birthday—you don’t have to stay local! As the marketplace for accommodations expands into homes and summer houses, renting anything but a hotel is a growing in popularity. Instead of throwing a hotel party with your friends, where there’s limited space and quiet hours, you can throw a house party, even if you don’t own one. It’s one of the many reasons that renting an AirBnB is one of the top adult birthday party trends. Just make sure to check the house rules first! Not every place allows partying in the traditional sense.

7. Brunching at Noon

Who doesn’t love brunch? (If you don’t, just skip down to number eight!) Brunch is the perfect combination of morning food and drink without the, well, morning part. Much like a wine tasting, you can go out for brunch or you can host at home. Going out will give your friends a variety of meal options, but staying in is more intimate and might mean having an extra mimosa or two.

8. Dining on the Town

So far, these adult birthday party trends have been specific. Wine tastings, group classes, and rock climbing are all set activities. But if you don’t want a formally planned evening, you can just ask your friends to meet up for dinner downtown. Pick your favorite restaurant, make a reservation, and let your friends stop by when they can. Instead of sitting down around a table, order some appetizers for the area and keep it casual. You don’t have to plan an activity to have a birthday party.

9. Attending a Festival

Yes, we did just say that you don’t have to plan anything to have a birthday party. But you’re not planning the festival, so it still counts! Instead, you can round up a group of your friends and go see your favorite band play at a music festival. That way, you get a little travel, a little drinking, and some dinner in there, too.


These adult birthday party trends aside, celebrating adult birthdays is a growing trend all on its own. Sharing another year with your friends and family is a wonderful thing, and planning a special activity makes it even sweeter. So what are you waiting for? Get to planning your next adult birthday party!

Which adult birthday party trend is your favorite? What one are we missing?