Your wedding is a celebration of eternal love between you and your spouse, with your closest friends and family. It doesn’t get more personal than that! And as a result, you take the time to personalize every detail of your wedding—right down to the napkin color. Those details don’t have to have a specific significance to you, but you chose them, and that makes them special.

So with so much of your wedding already a personal choice, and the pressure of planning a wedding, why go through the extra lengths to personalize even more of your special day?

When you personalize items at your wedding, they become keepsakes, special reminders of a truly happy day. Some keepsakes, guests get to take home as favors, while others you proudly display in your home. They represent you and your spouse, and that’s special. These nine items are easy to personalize or monogram, and they’ll add the perfect personal touch to your celebration.

1. Cake Topper

Your cake is the star of the reception. Everyone has already been stunned by your dress and moved by the vows, so now the cake gets to shine. The cake itself is a work of art, and a topper can enhance that. For starters, a topper can play into the cake’s theme. If you’re planning a classic wedding, stick to initials for the top of the cake. Paint them to match the décor, and you’re all set! Or for a more relaxed celebration, recreate your family on top—you, your spouse, and any pets. It’s a cute detail that you can put on display at home.

Personalize Your Cake Serving Set

2. Cake Serving Set

If you don’t already have fine dining dinnerware, someone is likely buying it as a wedding gift. But another special occasion set that’s often overlooked is a personalized cake serving set. Engrave your names or the date on the server, and use it at your wedding, of course! Then bring it out for your one-year anniversary to cut the frozen portion you saved. You can also bequeath it to any children for their wedding day, or save it for anniversaries and vow renewals.

3. Votive Candle Holders

Votive candle holders are a versatile wedding item. You can use them as centerpieces, favors, and a personalized item. It’s the ultimate wedding trifecta! If you’re going to use them as favors, remember that we always recommend making it useful for the guest. (Your friends love you, but they’d rather use a candle holder with their own names on it.) Instead of your names, consider engraving the location or a clever wedding hashtag to create a memory everyone can enjoy.

4. Candy or Mints

Who doesn’t love candy? Personalize the actual candy and bag it for guests to bring home as they leave. Or put an engagement photo on the wrapper and let guests fill a bag of their favorite flavors. If you order enough candy, you can bring some out for the dessert table, or hand out a bowl for each table to enjoy along with any dessert or coffee.

5. Bubbles

The once-tradition of blowing bubbles as the happy couples leaves the church isn’t common anymore. But bubbles still make for fun favors. Guests might keep them as memorabilia, but they’re more likely to use the bubbles, and toss the container. This means you can guilt-free put your name or wedding date on the container. If you’re unsure what to do, tie a name tag to the containers, so your guests can decide for themselves. You could even use the bottle tags for place card holders. Put the guest name on one side, and your personalized touch on the other.

6. The Garter

Personalize Your Garter

Also waning in tradition is the garter. Typically, the groom removes the garter from the bride and tosses it into the crowd of eligible bachelors. In some instances, the bachelor who catches the garter has to put it on the bachelorette who catches the bouquet. (Although a more comical, less embarrassing twist is that she puts it on him!) If you decide not to uphold that tradition, you can still wear a garter. Monogram it with your name, or the date, and bring it out for future anniversaries and special occasions.

7. The Guestbook

A wedding guestbook is essentially a yearbook for your wedding—you don’t put it on display, but you keep it to revisit those nostalgic moments. Customize the cover with a phrase from your vows, or a lyric from your wedding song. If you want to work your name into the book, emboss the first page with your names, and leave the rest for signing. But maybe a traditional guestbook not for you. Consider these other non-traditional options—they’re not books, but they’re still perfect to personalize.


However you choose to personalize your wedding, what’s important is that you’re happy with the end result. But if you’re looking to add just a little more flare to the celebration, using some of these ideas will bring that personal touch.

Have you been to a wedding with a unique or funny cake topper? Describe it to us below!