6 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Recently engaged? Congratulations! This is a fun and special time in your life and we are sure you will want to share that happiness with the people you love. First, we recommend taking a minute to soak it all in – enjoy the moment with your significant other. When you are ready to share your news, we included 6 simple ways to announce your engagement below.

Sometimes people go all out for their engagement, hiring a photographer or videographer, to secretly capture the moment. While others choose a quiet scene and pop the question in private. However your engagement played out, it’s news you will want to share, and here are some ways to do that:

6 Simple Ways to Announce your Engagement

6 Simple Ways to Announce Your Engagement

1.) Call People

Many times, engagements are done when you are traveling somewhere far from home. If you can’t wait until you get home to announce your news, call people directly. Be prepared to tell them how it happened, where, and when – these are details people will want to hear the most!

2.) Tell People in Person 

If your engagement happened locally, wait to share the news in person. Telling your engagement story face to face will help show people your excitement about the experience. It will also give you an opportunity to show off your ring too!

3.) Share on Social Media

Want to show off your ring to the world? Share a photo of your ring and a few photos of you and your new fiancé . This is a fun option to share the news with family and friends who live far away. Be prepared for all of the likes and comments- your post could go viral!

4.) Send Engagement Party Invites

If you want to celebrate and announce your engagement in style, host an engagement party. Send out invitations and share your story with your guests. Don’t forget the champagne!

5.) Publish in the Paper

Want to do this the old fashioned way? Get your engagement published in the newspaper! Send in your engagement photo and your proposal story and you will have a keepsake for life!

6.) Share Your Video

If a photographer or videographer captured your special moment, share your engagement video with friends and family! This will allow the people close to you feel like they were there to celebrate that moment with you!

6 Simple Ways to Announce Your Engagement

How did you announce your engagement to your friends and family? What’s your proposal story? Wondering what to do next? Check out the first 9 steps of being engaged here.