Thank You Cards for your bridal shower

So you recently had your bridal shower and you need to send out Thank You cards, but you are not sure when to send them. Often times, family members and friends give the bride-to-be so many gifts, it can be overwhelming. No matter how you are feeling after your bridal shower, take your time opening each gift and finding a place for it. When you feel ready, start writing personalized Thank You cards to each person who attended your shower. Your guests will appreciate your genuine note and thankfulness for the gifts.

When to Send Thank You Cards After Your Bridal Shower

How to Write a Great Bridal Shower Thank You Card

When to Send Your Thank You Card

There’s no official deadline for sending a Thank You card for a bridal shower – however, it should be sent at some point before your actual wedding day. Most times, brides have them in the mail 2-3 weeks after their shower. Make sure not to procrastinate too long or your guests will start to wonder if you enjoyed the gifts they gave you.

What to Write

Keep your Thank You cards short, sweet, and to the point. Address the giver, “Dear Aunt Jeanne”, offer thanks and appreciation for the gift, “Thank you for the Blue China set, it looks great in my dining room!”.¬†Then sign your name and your fianc√©’s. That’s it!

Keeping Track of Gifts

For each gift you receive, make a list of the items you get and who it’s from. This list will come in handy for writing your Thank You cards. Many times, assigning your Maid of Honor to write down gifts as you open them at your shower, is helpful.

Thank You Card Supplies

You need Thank You cards, stamps, a pen, and addresses. Choose cards that are styled to your wedding’s theme or choose just a generic Thank You card.

How long did you wait to send out your Thank You cards? Did you send them out ASAP or did you let a few weeks go by before putting your pen to paper? Let us know below.