In order to appeal to your online audience and increase bookings, it’s crucial to focus on visual appeal.  Did you know that 90% of purchase decisions are made subconsciously? That means emotions play an important part, and we all know pictures have the ability to evoke emotion more easily than words.

In our last post, we detailed the five key pictures every venue needs to book more gigs.  This week, we’ve got a tastier focus: read on to learn which five pictures every caterer should have on their website.

Decorative table shot

Wedding table decorations with food and beverages


Let’s face it: visual pizazz is almost as important as deliciousness when it comes to wedding catering, which is why it’s crucial to show potential clients a snap of a decorative table-scape on your website.

An Outdoor Event


Remember that whole emotional decision-making thing? It may be illogical, but a bride that is planning an outdoor feast may be turned off if she doesn’t see any photos of your cuisine out in the open air. Provide a picture of your delicious goods under a bright blue (or star-filled) sky, and you’ll be ready for any bride that comes your (website’s) way.

Seasonal Delight


It doesn’t matter the event is in winter, spring, summer, or fall – you can be sure that there will be seasonal cuisine requests.  Providing an image of one of your seasonal specialities will show potential clients your creative side and subconsciously assure them that no matter when they’ve planned the big day – you’ll knock it out of the park.

Your Specialty


Every caterer has a specialty – make sure you’re proclaiming yours loud and clear by providing visual examples on your website.  Don’t worry about alienating clients who aren’t into your particular tastes, because ultimately you’re probably not a good fit for them anyway, but the couples who share your taste will be bursting with excitement to give you a call which is why we think the more quirky and unique the better.


Elegant table with many desserts and fruits (eclair, pecan swirl cake, raspberry pie, rice pudding, cheese cake, creme caramel, and more)


Simply put: everyone loves dessert. Even better – desserts are just plain pretty. Providing a great picture of one of your best dessert options will have your website visitors smacking their lips and picking up the phone to schedule a tasting.