4th of July Decorations and Candles

So you’re planning a 4th of July party. You’ve got your red, white, and blue appetizers, and all the backyard games have been brought up from the basement. What’s next on the list? Your 4th of July decorations, of course! You don’t want your party to just taste like independence—you want it to look that way, too.

These twelve decoration ideas are simple, and most them are inexpensive, too, so you can focus your dollars on things like burgers. You might even have some of the supplies already in your house! Mix and match any of the 4th of July decorations listed below if you want to go all out. Or just choose a few for a little patriotic flair.

Lawn Stars

As done by The Concrete Cottage

4th of July Decorations Lawn Stars

We’re starting this list off with a non-traditional idea—turn your lawn into its own decoration! Cover your yard with festive stars in red, white, and blue. These stars are perfect for any backyard, and you can get creative with them, too. Create a trail from the front, leading guests to the party. Or section off the back yard—the red star area is for food, and the white star ares is for games.

Festive Tassels

As done by Blush Bazaar

4th of July Decorations Tassels

Hang these fun 4th of July decorations anywhere—inside or out. They look great hung along walls or doorways if you’re hosting indoors. Or strung along the edges of tables and porches for an outside celebration. And the best part about these tassels? They come pre-made, so all you have to do is hang! Plus, they’re durable enough to be stored and saved for next year.


As done by Good Housekeeping

12 Easy 4th of July Decorations

Looking for quick and easy 4th of July decorations? Pinwheels are your answer! You can purchase them in bulk, and stick them anywhere. In your fruit basket, around the lawn, up the walkway, even as the centerpieces of you create a bouquets with them. (Though we do recommend adding a few flowers so it looks like you put in a little effort.) This is also a great task for your kids—have them stick pinwheels wherever around the yard, so they’re involved in the decorating.

Bonus Tip: For a personal touch, you can follow the Good Housekeeping instructions and make your own pinwheels!

Wooden Firecrackers

As done by Sweet Tea and Grace

4th of July Decorations Wooden Firecrackers

Put some sizzle into your 4th of July decorations! Not literally, of course—these firecrackers are made out of wood! But they’re a perfect centerpiece for your holiday party. If you have multiple tables, like separate dinner and dessert tables, you could put a firecracker on each table. Or cluster them together for a large centerpiece.

Mason Jars

As done by Crafty Morning

Painted mason jars are another quick and low-cost idea for your party. You can purchase mason jars brand new, or visit your local thrift store for additional savings. They’re pictured here holding silverware, but you could put flowers, pinwheels, or treats inside of them as well!

If painting stars and stripes are a little outside your comfort zone, paint the jars red and strips of burlap white, and adhere the burlap to the jars. For stars, paint the jars blue and hang silver star ornaments from the twine at the top of the jar. Not as cost-effective, but much simpler!

Allium Fireworks Centerpieces

As done by Jenny Barnett and Fave Crafts

4th of July Decorations Allium Flowers

How cool do these flowers look? Yes, you read that right—these are dried flowers that were spray painted. And they look just like fireworks! With these fun 4th of July decorations, we recommend painting a lot of flowers. This will allow you to use them all over your party. Plus, they’re a little more fragile than, say, wooden firecrackers. So if a few break, they won’t be missed!

DIY Napkin Rings

As done by Pink Fortitude

4th of July Decorations Napkin Rings

Minimize the table décor with these napkin holders. Add some mason jars and gingham plates, and you can skip the festive napkins or tablecloths! Not every little piece has to be part of your 4th of July decorations. And if you’re not using cloth napkins—don’t worry! These napkin holders are great to hold bouquets together, too!

Pom Poms

As done by Lia Griffith

Just like the allium flowers look like fireworks, we love that these pom poms resemble the pretty explosions, too. If you make enough of them, you can hang them from the ceilings of your house or tent for your own personal fireworks show. You can also string them together and hang along walls or decks if there’s no tent at your party.


As done by Eventective

Flag Plate perfect for the 4th of July Decorations

Yes, we did mention appetizers already—they’re part of any great party! But you can use them as part of your 4th of July decorations. Choose red, white, and blue foods for a matching color scheme. Or arrange your treats—of any color!—into the shapes of flags and stars. This will save you time, as your food does double duty as decoration.

Gingham Plates

As done by Party Parts US

If you’re hosting a party, there’s a good chance you’re using paper plates. It protects any of your dishes from breaking, and makes clean up much easier. So why not grab some festive plates? You don’t need to do anything with these “decorations”—just put them on the table and let the guests do the rest! Plus, they come in red, too.

Clothespin Wreath

As done by Preciously Paired

4th of July Decorations Clothespin Wreath

Raise your hand if you love this for your front door all summer long! It will be a nice welcome for guests coming to your party, but it’s too beautiful of a piece to not use more than once! If you’re worried about the weather, bring it inside and use it as a picture holder—of the family, someone you know in the military, or a group shot from your July 4th party.

Bug Repellent Candle Holders

As done by Entertaining Diva

How adorable are these candle holders? And you probably have more of the components in your house already! These are in wine glasses—or you could buy extra mason jars from your thrift store adventure. Entertaining Diva does recommend using flame-less candles, but you could swap them out for citronella tea lights instead to help keep the bugs away as the sun sets.


Which one of these 4th of July decorations is your favorite? Are you going to try any of them this year?

We’d love to hear your success stories for any of these decoration ideas—or share some of your own that aren’t on the list! July 4th is a fun chance to go a little overboard with your theme, so we say embrace it.