Fall is coming to an end and the weather is getting a lot colder, which means you are starting to wear your heavier clothes to stay warm and you can smell the snow in the air.  For many of us, this is the most magical time of the year and what is more perfect than a winter wonderland wedding.

Winter is a great time to hold a wedding.  Since December, January and February are off-peak times to have a wedding, they are easier to book dates and are a lot cheaper.  After you and your partner decide on the venue, you should then pick what color you want to have at your wedding.  This will help with the flower arrangements and what colors your dress and tuxedos will be.   You should also decide if the reception will be outside.  This is very important for a winter themed wedding.

Winter wedding colors are very formal and elegant with the use of whites, blues, grays, creams, and silvers.  A cream table cloth with gray napkins will be the perfect color choices for each table.  Adding white rose centerpieces with branches, and some crystal and blue accents will make each table glow.  You can also find some snowflake and icicle decorations around the room, which will give more of the winter feel.

If you are planning to have your reception outside, make sure you put “dress according to the weather” on the invitation.  If not, you can always provide scarves or blankets for people to stay warm.  As your guests are starting to sit down, serve each guest a cup of warm hard cider or hot chocolate to get the full effect as they watch you on your special day.  You will wow all of your guests the second they see you walk down the aisle holding white roses and the light beaming off your dress.

Your winter wonderland themed wedding will be spectacular.   This is the most amazing time of your life and you will remember it forever.  So don’t stress out on your big day, and remember to just have fun!