Buffet Style Food for Your Event

Oftentimes, event venues do not have the time or staff to pursue all the event leads they receive. Conversely, many caterers would love to have the problem of too much potential business. A creative solution, for the venue and the caterer, is to work together on Eventective.

Smaller venues with limited marketing resources have an opportunity to join forces with a preferred caterer.  Eventective lists a number of unique event venues with no in-house catering, and no budget for marketing, who have turned the task of bringing in events over to a trusted caterer looking to build business.

The overwhelming majority – more than 80% – of Eventective visitors are on the site looking for a place to hold their event. The first priority of these visitors is finding the right location, and as a result, catering businesses without a dedicated event space face a challenge in winning event business.  By teaming up with venues in the area, caterers can take on the marketing responsibility for the venue in return for becoming the preferred caterer for events booked there.

A caterer in the southeast collaborated on Eventective with four venues, ranging from a community center to a car museum, and collectively the traffic to these four venue listings has tripled  – and they have seen five times more inquiries – in the first month alone.

Given the opportunity of growing their business, caterers on Eventective have teamed up with unique venues to promote their own business.  Utilizing their own marketing budget, or entering into a joint venture with the venue, savvy Eventective caterers have positioned themselves to capture event business that may have otherwise been inaccessible. 

Furthermore, caterers representing multiple venues have the added advantage of being able to offer inquiring clients additional options if their first choice of venue is not available for their chosen date. 

We encourage venues and caterers alike to develop partnerships to mutually build business.