A Direct Referral is a message from an Eventective User to an Eventective Provider that includes details about an upcoming event the user is planning.  This message is sent from Eventective to the Provider on behalf of the user when the user clicks on the Request Pricing button on the Provider’s Listing.

Direct Referrals are from people planning an event, expressing a direct interest in your services, at no cost to you.  If you receive a Direct Referral, please respond to the inquiry even if you believe you cannot accommodate the request.  

Why should I respond to every Direct Referral?

  • I’m not available on the date they indicated in their request.  Many users put an approximate date in the request form.  They contacted you for a reason; try to work them in on another date that you are available.
  • I don’t do that type of event. If you can’t meet their needs, refer them to a colleague that does service their type of request.  Not only will they appreciate the service, your colleague will too.  If possible, update your Listing Preferences to eliminate messages of this type in the future.
  • Their budget is way off, I can’t possibly do an event for that amount.  Most people planning an event on the internet have no idea what to spend for your services.  Contact them and let them know what you can do and educate them in the process.  They may have more to spend than they care to reveal online. 

In general, it’s bad form to ignore a communication from a potential customer.  The worst Customer Service is none at all.  

Real Responses from Eventective Users

Users who did not hear back from a direct request:

[The venue] has not responded to this request nor to three phone calls.  I have lost interest in that venue and will not be pursuing this.  — An Eventective User from Wakefield, QC

This venue never responded to us.  Thank you.  — An Eventective User from Fort Worth , TX

No thanks I already found [another DJ]. Thanks Sonia.  — An Eventective User from Hamilton, ON

Thank you but I have found [another Officiant] for the wedding.  — An Eventective User from Springfield, OH

Don’t Let Potential Customers Slip Away

Check your Eventective inbox for free Direct Referrals, view the messages and respond to the requests, even if you cannot accommodate them.

Be sure you are receiving free Direct Referrals in your email.  The From-Address for these messages is Eventective Sales Lead [eventective@noreply.eventective.com]. Be sure that this address is identified as a trusted sender to receive your free Direct Referrals. Read how to create a safe sender list in most email clients in this article.

Verify your contact information on your Eventective Listing to ensure you are receiving communications from people trying to reach your business directly.  If you need any help, contact your Account Manager at 207-253-1653, or CS@eventective.com.