When it comes to destination weddings, we often think of flying to different countries or far-away islands. Both are true—and lovely places for weddings! But no matter the destination, consider ways to entertain your wedding guests.

When it comes to planning your wedding weekend, chances are some of your guests will be flying in from another state, coast, or country. If you want to help make your wedding weekend the most memorable, then we recommend you plan some things for your out-of-town guests to do.

If you’re getting married at a destination away from your own home, it’s an added bonus to plan fun events at the beginning and tail-end of your wedding experience!

The little extras like planning activities for guests are often overlooked but can add such special memories for everyone. There are a few things to think about before planning the entertainment.

Wedding Destination Paris
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Your destination

Are you at an all-inclusive resort? Chances are there are package deals with the hotel for boat rides, surf lessons, snorkel gear, and more. Ask the event coordinator or hotel manager for a list of available activities. If your destination is a city, pick an area near the wedding venue to plan activities for your guests to enjoy that are easily accessible by walking or public transit.

The season 

If your wedding is in the dead of summer, don’t plan outdoor activities unless they involve a pool or an ocean. The same can be said for the rainy season or for winter. Don’t forget to think about the weather!

Levels of activities for all guests

Are the majority of your guests in their 20s and 30s? Is your audience a little older? Offer activities that would be fun for the people invited. You wouldn’t want to host a bunch of families with kids if you don’t have kid-friendly activities! And vice versa, grandma may not be up for a beach volleyball tournament. No matter how much she enjoys the sun and sand!


Depending on when your wedding falls during the week, you can expect some guests to come just for the wedding and some to make it a long weekend or a mini-vacation. Especially if it is over a holiday weekend. You don’t have to entertain your guests 24/7, but it’s nice to have some things planned and offer a few ideas for people to explore on their own, too. 

7 Ways to Entertain Destination Wedding Guests

Plan a guided tour

This is great for city weddings or weddings in a historical location. If you’re in another country, hire a tour guide who can offer insight to the city and culture. If you’re in a city you know and love, plan your own tour of your favorite spots. 

Host a get-to-know-you happy hour

Perfect for any wedding weekend, throwing a get-to-know-you happy hour is a great way for your guests to meet before the reception. Consider this an expansion of your rehearsal dinner or host a causal, inclusive welcome party for the early arriving guests. 

Plan a themed “crawl”

A great way to showcase your wedding location AND have a little fun with guests. Try hosting a taco crawl, ice cream crawl, or something where people can meet at a few different spots around town.

Offer golf or mini golf

Entertain Wedding Guests with Golf
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For a weekend wedding in a warmer location or spring/summer season, host mini-golf or a round of regular golf for your guests to spend time relaxing the morning of the wedding. Don’t forget to offer some sunscreen!

Plan a scavenger hunt

This is a great event for smaller weddings where the guests already know each other. It’s an equally great way for your guests to get to know one another! You can make it resort or venue-specific or send your guests around the town or city for a little extra fun. 

Host a wine tasting

Entertain Wedding Guests Wine Tasting
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Almost any venue can put together a wine tasting event for you and your guests. But, if your destination is in wine country, or has a local vineyard, this is a fun way to incorporate your love of wine or food. 

Offer a bike tour

For your more active guests, rent some bikes and make a little map so they can do a self-guided tour. This is a great way to get some exercise, explore a new place, and enjoy the outdoors. 


Ultimately, people want to celebrate you, get to know your family and friends, and feel included. By planning a few events to entertain wedding guests you are offering more opportunities for your favorite people to meet each other. They’ll enjoy their time visiting and celebrating you, and make many special memories. 

Don’t forget, after you plan all these events, you have to tell your guests about them! Use our free wedding website builder tool to make your custom website with all the details you want to share.