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Online Marketing Tips

Measuring the return on advertising dollars is often difficult to quantify, and sometimes impossible because of the challenge in pinpointing the source of any given business.  Without traceability, you may end up spending money on avenues that are not truly providing a return.  This problem is compounded when you utilize several different avenues for advertising. 

Use Unique Emails to Track your Marketing Efforts

One idea that can help to add traceability to your online marketing efforts is to use unique emails for each advertising channel you employ.  This can be accomplished using your own domain, or with common mail providers like gmail, yahoo, or others. 

Simply create a unique account for each marketing channel you sign up with.  (ie. and or and

Once you have the separate emails set up, you can create a rule that forwards them all to one central inbox so that you can manage all your business in one place.  You now have a clear indication via the To: Address from which source the business lead was generated.

Follow Up on Phone Calls Too

The majority of Eventective users browse our site without submitting an event request.  But they may have been researching event venues and vendors and following up with providers by phone.  Don’t forget to ask everyone who contacts you, “How did you hear about us?”

You may not get a straight answer every time.  Many folks will say “I found you online”, but it doesn’t hurt to probe a little further by prompting them with “Maybe on Eventective or Wedding Wire?” just to see if they can be more specific. 

Keep a notepad by the phone with a list of your advertising partners and just add a tic-mark each time you get an answer.  Over time you should have a good impression of where your marketing dollars are working hardest for you.  

Simple Steps to Success

These two easy tricks can help keep track of your marketing dollars and stretch your budget.  Make sure your money, and your advertising partners, are working for you.