Measuring ROI

The return on investment for spending $400 on an Eventective marketing and lead generation program.

Purchase Enhanced Listing on Eventective = $250 (prices vary)
Purchase 75 leads over 3 month period at $2.00 per lead (lead price reflects 20% discount on lead purchases because you are an advertiser) = $150
Direct marketing responses have a rate of 1% or less and a close rate of less than 50%.
Keeping these factors in mind will give you a perspective of what to expect from lead generation.
– You connect and have meaningful conversations with 8 planners out of the 75 leads you purchased.
– 3 of the 8 planners book your services and each spend $1200.
– The revenue you generate is $3600.  The return on investment is over 900%.
Your return on investment will be determined by the number of leads you purchase and how you manage and respond to those leads.
Do not expect to purchase 5 leads and receive responses and business because a 1% return rate on 5 leads is less than 1.

Many thanks to Jerry Bazata for this information!