Let’s look at what to expect when you develop a lead generation program and go out and prospect new clients.

Client Satisfaction
Here are some interesting numbers.  90% of clients that buy from you are satisfied with what they get in the marketplace today.  The number one reason clients buy from you is because it is easy to buy from you.  They can communicate with you, they can reach you, they can talk to you and they develop a level of trust and are comfortable with you.

Cold Calling
Did you realize that only 8% of voice mails get responded to?  So thinking in terms of you making 100 phone calls and leaving 100 voice mails, the probability is that only eight of those calls will get returned to you.  It also takes an average of 10 to 12 touches to a prospective client before you can engage them in a meaningful conversation.

What do we mean by 10 to 12 touches?  That is phone calls, emails, voice mails, articles of interest and communication through your referral sources.  Most often people want to get to know you first through your communications, your web site and your voice mails before they are willing to have a conversation with you.

Prospecting is a Numbers Game
It takes seven calls – seven actual contacts of having a conversation with this person before they can make a sale. And this occurs about 85% of the time.  So if you look at all of those clients – the 100 people that you made seven contacts with in a voice conversation or a face to face meeting – on average it took seven of those executions in order to land them as a client.

The downside is most people in looking at leads, following up on leads or purchasing leads, stop calling on those leads after two times.  They give up, say there is no interest and terminate the lead.

Lead Generation Strategy
In this program, we are going to help you identify the appropriate leads and show you how to build a contact strategy that allows you to look at those 10 to 12 touches, create those seven contacts and convert those prospects and leads into clients that will generate revenue and business for your company.

Many thanks to Jerry Bazata for this information.