“There’s no way this can be real!”

Is Eventective Too Good To Be True?

The two statements above are some responses that we at Eventective have heard from vendors that receive the opportunity to respond to people using Eventective to plan their events.  We can assure you that Eventective is not a scam, but a legitimate business that makes its home in Portland, Maine.  What we will do in this article is address where the mistaken conceptions of Eventective come from, talk about the reality of how we do business, and end with some real live testimonials from Eventective users that are very successful in their interaction with us.

How Do Planners Create Leads?

When a web user that is planning an event finds Eventective, they often submit a request through our site to get quotes from available vendors in their area for the event they are planning.  They can submit those requests a couple of different ways.

The first way is to use the widget that is available on the top right-hand side of the Eventective site on almost every page.  That will open up a form that allows them to submit their request generally to venues based on location.

The second way requests are submitted is when users make direct contact with venues on our site.  When they are filling out a form requesting information from a specific venue, they are given the opportunity to allow other venue in the area to respond to this request.

Mistaken Conceptions

Venues who receive these leads may purchase them and attempt to make contact with the planner.  Sometimes the planner is very responsive and sometimes they are not.  We at Eventective have limited control over the nature of the person who is planning their event, how serious they are, or how responsive they may be.  That said, we are always seeking to improve the quality of the leads we send in order to maximize the benefit our customers get from them.

When a planner is unresponsive, often the venue feels like the event request may not be real or may be a hoax.  As a result, the venue (not knowing how Eventective really operates) may feel like Eventective has in some way swindled them out of money and time (AKA a scam).

We have even been accused of paying our hardworking employees to sit around and fabricate requests out of thin air.  Sigh.


First, we do not pay our hardworking employees to sit around and fabricate requests out of thin air.  Eventective receives roughly 1.2 million visitors per month.  The leads that are generated as a result of our visitors requests are indeed genuine, and entered by visitors to our site, and no one else.

Second, many of our visitors are in the very early stages of their event planning process.  They may have very little idea what they are actually looking for when it comes to services and quality of service for their event, so it may be difficult to pin them down for many of the details that vendors are looking for.  As a result, this is an excellent opportunity for our vendors to  educate and help the people for whom they have purchased a lead.  The buy decision for Eventective users is not an easy one and may or may not be made quickly.

Third, the lead buying business is indeed a numbers game.  Expecting each and every lead that is purchased to turn into business is very unrealistic.  That is why the leads are as inexpensive as they are.  Eventective customers have said that they may close anywhere from 1 in 5 to 1 in 50 leads they purchase.  If a DJ purchases 50 leads from Eventective, he has spent at most $250.  If he closes $1,250 worth of business, he has more than paid for the leads he has purchased.  While it is indeed our hope that every vendor closes every lead they buy, we know this will not be the case, and the leads are priced accordingly.

Fourth, Eventective offers a very generous refund policy for clients with an Annual Subscription.

What Some of Our Vendors Have Said

“We have had a 300% increase in views, referrals, and bookings in just three short months because of this incredible website. If you are on the fence about using Eventective, just do it! You will be pleasantly surprised at your great return on investment. I highly recommend this site.”

The Venue at Hunting Creek

“Eventective has been a game changer! Not only have we gotten tons of referrals that have turned into bookings, but we have also attained many leads to push our business even further! By being able to personalize our listing to appeal to our target demographic, it has been perfect in getting our business out there to the right people.”

Ahwatukee Event Center

“We’ve seen a clear connection between our subscription with Eventective and a massive increase in the number of people requesting quotes to rent the facility as well as call or visit us. We just had our best year and owe much of that to Eventective. Being listed on the site has made us visible to an audience we weren’t really able to reach on our own or through other platforms.”

Camp Pollock


Is Eventective a scam?  No, we are not.  We are a legitimate business that is seeking to help planners find the perfect vendors for their event.  There are misconceptions that arise when people first try to use our service, and we have sought to clear those up in this article.

Still have questions?  We’d be thrilled to answer them for you.  Visit our Contact Us Page to get some more information and reach out to us if you need to.