With autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, ‘tis the damn season (as our queen Taylor Swift would say) to gather together. And what better way to celebrate than to throw a festive Friendsgiving? It’s not too late to team up with your roommates, friend group, or hometown besties to make a fun and easy plan for food and festivities this month. Whether you’re away from home or sticking close by, getting the gang back together for a potluck dinner and drinks will surely start the holidays off right!

Think of a Theme

To generate some buzz before your festive Friendsgiving and to provide direction for decor, consider choosing a theme for your event. A pajama party theme offers the ultimate in cozy vibes – no loosening of belts required. Have a holiday enthusiast in the group? We all know that friend who starts blasting Mariah Carey and spreading holiday cheer on November 1. Getting a head start on Christmas or Hanukkah will make their day and add an extra special winter glow to the event. Throw up some twinkle lights, have the holiday movies ready and lean into the spirit of the season. It’s already here so we might as well embrace it.

Sides and Pies Only, Ina Approved

Skip the turkey? Hear us out. You’ll probably have plenty on the big day with family, so why not try something new with your friends? It takes the pressure off the host so they can focus on creating a festive atmosphere and allows for maximum creativity from the guests when it comes to the spread. Assign dishes or volunteer your specialty – whatever is easiest! If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to craft the perfect charcuterie board, now is the time. Looking for some peeps to test out some of Ina Garten’s famous appetizers? You’ve found your audience. And, of course, you can always give ‘em pumpkin to talk about with some crowd-pleasing pies. Stick with a simple deep-dish apple or stretch your skills with a mile-high meringue… there’s something out there for every home baker. How easy is that? 

Natural Wine and Mocktail Moments

The natural wine movement is here and we’re all about an additive-free option for a holiday beverage. Produced on a smaller scale with few or no pesticides and low sugar, natural wine is a great choice for sipping socially without any extras that might trigger a holiday hangover. Alternatively, going alcohol-free can be a great way to kick off party season as mocktails make their way into our celebration rotation. Focus on robust flavors like blood orange, pomegranate, peppermint, and ginger, and add all the herbs
for a beautiful and tasty infusion. Of course, these are a fantastic jumping off point if you want to add the booze, so don’t hold back if that’s your vibe! You do you, whatever way you’re looking to imbibe this year.

Reasons to be #Grateful

reasons to be grateful at your festive friendsgiving

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re all looking for ways to incorporate grace and mindfulness into our lives. By bringing an attitude of gratitude, the group can reflect back on the year that was and think about what they’re grateful for as you all come together in community. For a creative twist on after-dinner games, think about meaningful ways to infuse gratitude into your gathering through conversation cards or prompts to Friendsgiving Bingo, and show your appreciation for the friends in the room. Including a
mindfulness exercise in your celebration is also a nice way to reset and bring a sense of calm before the inevitable rush in the weeks to come. 

Seek a Unique Space

If your apartment is starting to seem a bit small, or most of the squad is staying with their folks when they come home for the holiday, consider using Eventective to find the perfect place for your party! Whether you’re sourcing something rustic and homey to live your Hallmark holiday movie moment or more modern and elegant with a seasonal sparkle to brighten the day, there are event venues aplenty to choose from. With affordable options for any size gathering, Eventective provides a stress-free solution to
holiday happenings – simply show up with your dish and decor and party on. There are no limitations to what you can dream up, whether it’s your first festive Friendsgiving or a fabulous annual tradition. Happy hosting!

person scooping food onto a plat with text overlay that says "top tips for a festive friendsgiving feast"