Ringing in the New Year with the promise of forever is surprisingly common. Maybe it’s because everyone is home for the holidays to attend, or because most people have the day off. It could even be because friends and family are traveling—so they decline attendance and you have the small, intimate NYE wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Whatever the reason, thankfully, they only happen once a year. For a NYE wedding—or any December 31st celebration for that matter—you’re going to need more of everything to host a successful event.


There may be fewer attendees during some NYE weddings, but that doesn’t mean less alcohol. And if there are the standard number of attendees, that definitely doesn’t mean less alcohol! As the night progresses, guests are going to want more libations—and they’re definitely going to all want something as midnight approaches.

You don’t want to disappoint the crowd, so add another body or two and you should be all set. To help with the midnight demand, ask the bride and groom before the big day if there’s a specific drink they want served as the ball drops, so bartenders can prepare early and shorten the wait time.

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Similar to more hands on deck for the bar, the same goes for your clean-up crew. With champagne towers and streamers, kazoos and bubbles, there will be more mess than your average wedding. Especially with the late hour (past midnight, and past most wedding curfews!), adding a few extra bodies will keep the clean-up time in check.

For extra assurance at a timely cleaning, assign each employee to specific tasks ahead of time, so everyone knows where to start as soon as the party ends.

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Between the midnight hour cheering and the inevitable late-night dance music, be sure not to book two events too closely. Across the hall might work for your standard wedding or party, but remember—no one is getting quieter as the night carries on. Giving parties plenty of their own space will ensure a successful event for both you and them—no one wants to hear someone else having fun (even if they’re having just as much fun!).

Keep guests from feeling left out of another event by allowing enough space between, and clearly marking entrances to each event so guests don’t accidently mix up their destination. Bonus points if you have separate bathrooms for each party!

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Safety first: make sure that guests don’t use sparklers or fireworks where and/or when they shouldn’t. But know that this won’t stop them from putting sparkles on everything. On the champagne glasses or the centerpieces. Maybe the decorations or even right on the tables. New Year’s Eve is time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate then with a little shine!

Do note that this will ultimately affect clean-up time. Sparkles can easily be vacuumed up, but they do manage to get everywhere, so you’ll have to do a thorough job to clean the area for the next event.

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As efficient as your cleaning is, you’re still going to have to prepare for a late night. It’s a NYE party and no one is going to leave before they welcome in January 1st. Make sure you set employee expectation at a reasonable level so they know this night will be different than normal.

You’ll also want to keep in mind the cost for more employees later at night—if they’re paid extra for a holiday, or if you have more people on the floor than normal. This might even be factored in the overall venue cost.

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New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate with drinking and dancing—just be sure you’re completely prepared for the unusualness of a NYE wedding or party. Add a little more of everything to your normal regimen, and prepare for a late night.

And overall, don’t forget to have fun and have a Happy New Year!