Seating chart

Planning any large event requires putting together a seating chart. Sometimes this is easier said than done – leaving many planners stressed. Creating the ultimate seating plan means you need to know who to sit together and where. To assist you on your planning journey, Eventective has put together a simple guide with downloadable worksheets to help you create your ultimate seating chart.

Your Ultimate Seating Chart Guide

1. Make a List

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Start by simply writing out a list of all your guests. Make sure you have everyone invited on the list—check it over again, and once more to be safe. No one likes to be forgotten about.

Free Guest List Worksheet

2. Group Guests Together

Seating chart groups

Begin pulling guests into groups and write down each group separately. For example: If Grandma wants to be seated with Grandpa and her immediate family, that’s a group.

Free Group Worksheet

3. Draw a Seating Chart

Seating Chart

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If you are hosting your event at a venue, most times, they will give you a pre-drawn seating chart. Use this chart to your advantage to visualize how many people can be seated at one table and where in the room that table is located. If you want Grandma’s group to be closer to your table—make that happen.

If you are hosting your event at your own home, draw out a personal seating chart with arranged tables and chairs. Start populating guests where you would like them to sit.

Free Seating Chart Worksheet

4. Write Out Guests & Placements

Seating Chart

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To inform your guests of where they will be seated, typically the planner will write out the table number with guests underneath. However, there are many different ways to display your ultimate seating chart. Make your chart match the style of your event and don’t be afraid to be creative.

Free Table Number Worksheets

See? Planning a seating chart doesn’t have to be too difficult! Keep in mind where your vendors will be seated and where your DJ will be set up – don’t want Grandma next to loud speakers. Plan a chart you feel proud of and seat guests where you want them to sit. It’s your event—make it happen your way.

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