Whether it’s for special occasions like weddings, or a more personal touch on a birthday, flowers are an integral part of any celebration. As a florist, your job isn’t to convince people that they need flowers—you need to convince them that they need your flowers.

Including the best variety of photos on your website is one way to convince shoppers. With the digital age, everyone shops online before they stop in to buy. Heck, some people even order flowers online! Whether you specialize in wedding arrangement or special occasions, there are five photos you need on your website.

1. Rose Variety

Roses will never go out of style. From Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day and of course weddings, red roses are the perfect representation of love. It’s crucial that you offer them and even more crucial that you showcase what you can do with them. (Did you know that each rose color actually means something different? See what each color means and consider adding to your variety.)

2. Bouquet Arrangements

It doesn’t matter what flowers are in the arrangements, but you want to be sure to include a variety of flowers. Showcase all the different stories you can tell with your bouquets by including mixes of color and accent pieces, like baby’s breath and greenery. Experiment with differently sized bouquets—some customers might want a well-crafted but modestly sized arrangement.

3. Seasonal Favorites

Different flowers are available and popular at different times. Take note of when certain flowers sell the best, and play to those trends. For example, sunflowers might be most popular in the summer and fall, while white flower arrangements are preferred during wintertime. You don’t have to offer every type of flower—just make sure you have a signature one or two for each season.

4. Featured Add-Ons

Are there certain additional pieces that complete a bouquet, like a vase for Mother’s Day or a teddy bear for getting well soon? If you offer these add-ons at your store, include them in your shots! If you don’t, consider the benefits of partnering with a local toy store or home décor boutique to share business and get referrals.

5. Wedding Party

While this exclusively applies to florists who specialize in weddings and similar events, it definitely needed to make the list. If you sell flowers for events with people, make sure you have images of people with your flowers. Show a bride holding your flowers, glowing on the best day of her life—it will help brides-to-be see how integral your flowers are to their special day.