The best way for your business to appeal to a wide audience is to post your basic pricing online.  “How much do you cost?” is one of the first questions any client asks.  So why not answer the question before they call, saving you both time in determining if your services fit their budget.

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Many event professionals are reluctant to post pricing online because they “customize each event for the individual”.  Well, what do you tell a client that asks for pricing for a party for 75 people?  You most likely have a basic price that you throw out to see if it’s worth your while to continue negotiations.  That is the price you should post on your listing.

In the past 12 months, the most popular event request submitted on Eventective was for a Party with between 50 and 100 attendees. In fact, nearly 30 percent of all requests received in the past year were for medium-sized events with between 50 and 100 attendees. More than 65 percent of all requests were for small, medium or large events – between 25 and 150 attendees. Create a package that appeals to this wide audience.

Event Requests by Size

Eighty percent of all event requests received by Eventective last year were for a Party or a Wedding/Reception. That’s triple the number of requests received for the 11 other event types combined.

Requests by Type

So do yourself a favor and create package pricing for a Party and a Wedding for 100 attendees, since our data indicates that is what the largest segment of our visitors are looking for.  Venues permitting outside catering would be well served by posting a room-only package, since many people are looking to save some money by bringing their own food to their party.

Unsure of how to create package pricing?  You can read our tutorial here, or give us a call at 207-253-1653, we will even create packages for you using info supplied by you or from your website—no charge, no kidding.