hikingThese days, a bachelor party doesn’t have to be all about strippers and booze—forget those old standbys and get hip with the times!

There’s a whole world of bachelor party fun and excitement to discover outside of the strip clubs and casinos.

Instead of a typical jaunt to Vegas or Atlantic City, why don’t you opt for an unforgettable weekend of outdoor adventure for the groom and his friends?

When it comes to outdoor adventures, there are tons of activities and trips to choose from, ranging from low-key relaxation to fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping excitement! Here are some options to consider:

Skydiving– Imagine the adrenaline rush you’ll get from jumping out of a plane and freefalling at 130 mph to the earth below! With your closest friends right beside you, it’s guaranteed to be an experience that none of you will ever forget!

Bungee-Jumping– Help the groom prepare to “take the plunge” by making him actually take a plunge off a bridge! You can also bungee jump from cranes and buildings. For those who really want to push the limits, you can jump from a hot air balloon or even a helicopter!

Whitewater rafting– Pile into a raft with your best friends for an unforgettable thrill ride down a raging river! Enjoy lunch on the river, hanging out around the campfire, taking in the sights, and whitewater excitement that’ll make your heart pound!

Ski trip– Head to the mountains for some serious fun in the snow when you take your group for a exhilarating few days of skiing! Visit your local ski area or fly to a destination and stay at a luxury ski resort.

Hiking or camping trip– Gather your close friends for a weekend hiking excursion or camping trip. This can be a relatively easy trip to plan if you have hiking trails or campgrounds near where you live. You could go car-camping by the ocean, or pack your bags for a weekend of backpacking in the mountains, just to name a couple of options.

Deep-sea fishing– Get the gang together for an exciting trip out on the open ocean! Charter a boat for a guided deep-sea fishing trip with your friends and see who gets the biggest catch! Then cook them and eat them for dinner (the fish, not the friends!).

Golf weekend– Bring everyone together for a golf weekend! Book a weekend golf package at a course near where you live, or travel to a destination to experience some great golf courses.

Mountain biking– Grab the bikes and head for the mountains. You can sign up for guided tours or blaze your own trails. There are many places that you can go mountain biking, whether you have local trails nearby or want to travel to a specific destination.

One of the cool aspects of bachelor parties like these is that they can be all-inclusive events. If the groom’s dad, younger siblings, cousins or anyone else wants to be part of the bachelor party, they can, and no one has to worry about being offensive. It can also be a coed event so the groom’s female friends aren’t excluded from the festivities.

Planning Tips

– Traditionally, the Best Man is responsible for coordinating the details of this particular event. If you’re responsible for planning the bachelor party, think of an activity that would be most memorable and special for the groom. The groom should be able to have some input as to the kind of party that he wants. For example, don’t plan a skydiving trip if the groom is deathly afraid of heights!

– Although adventure bachelor parties are considered “bride-friendly,” you should always run the idea by the bride to make sure she’s cool with it before you finalize any plans.

-After you’ve gotten the “go-ahead” from the bride (and the groom, of course!), the next thing you should do is set the date and budget for the event. Allow enough time to book everything well in advance of the party so people will be able to schedule it into their lives.

-Trips that last 2-3 days are best. Decide who to invite and then determine the type of trip you want to plan. The activity you choose might have an effect on the number of people you can invite.

-It’s a good idea to have the party on a weekend so that everyone is able to participate. You should have the event at least a few days or weeks in advance of the wedding so that the groom has time to rest up before he walks down the aisle.