Flowers on Log Pedestals for Spring Centerpiece

Spring is right around the corner, and that means spring parties! Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, birthday, or wedding—centerpieces are a must. As you’re choosing a venue and picking the theme, consider these spring centerpiece trends to bring new life to your event.


There is so much to love about lavenders. From their vibrant color to their calming aroma, they make a perfect spring centerpiece. Bundle them in small clusters or a whole bouquet—whichever fits into your theme! If you can, pair them with neutral accents or greenery to make the purple really pop.

How To Use: In Vases
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How To Use: With Candles
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Watering Cans

What says spring more than watering cans! You can put almost anything in them, so they’re sure to match your theme. They also make excellent giveaways for bridal or baby showers. Plus, they’re cost efficient—your local thrift shop is bound to have some ready for you to spruce up.

How To Use: On Log Pedestals
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How To Use: With Sunflowers
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Okay, eggs may be the only thing springier than watering cans. Where you might put decorative stones in your fall centerpiece, pastel eggs will replace them in your spring ones. You can even combine them with other trends from this list for double the spring!

How To Use: As the base for a bouquet
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How To Use: In Nests
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Hosting with long banquet tables or communal-style dining? Trays are perfect for your centerpiece. Fill them with lush greenery, floral candles, or even appetizers! And the best part about trays is you can use them year round—simply fill them with seasonal items no matter what the occasion.

How To Use: With Candles
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How To Use: With more candles!
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Fruit is colorful, aromatic, and a delicious appetizer for your guests. Why not make it do double duty? Set up your centerpieces with fruit for sampling throughout the event. Or garnish drinks and plates with slices for—quite literally—a fresh look.

How To Use: Fruit Garland
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How To Use: Using Citrus Slices
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Water features of any kind are calming, and nothing looks more delicate than when it’s floating in water. Harness that for your spring events by creating mini water features for your tables and décor. Just be sure to keep them away from edges, and off wobbly tables!

How To Use: Floating Flowers
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How To Use: With Pearls
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Bird Cages

Are you planning an event with a feature table? These bird cages make the perfect centerpiece! Plus, they pair perfectly with the egg trend to help celebrate a new mama and her full nest.

How To Use: With Baby’s Breath
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How To Use: With Flowers
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Tin Cans

Like trays, tin cans can be used all year long, and you can put almost anything in them. For a spring touch, use succulents and lots of greenery and flowers. Or take a unique twist and put the greenery on the outside of the tin, and fill the inside with flowers or maybe even some eggs!

How To Use: In Copper Tins
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How To Use: Covered in Moss
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