From paint and wine night to a spa day or a night out on the town, there are so many fun things to do for a bachelorette party. The focus of the festivities is the bride, and the reason is to celebrate her fast-approaching Big Day. Incorporate some of these clever ideas to set your celebration a notch above the rest—at little-to-no cost for you or the bridal party!

  1. Plastic Champagne Flutes

These simple yet elegant cups bring the perfect blend of class and convenience to your celebration. Because they’re plastic, you can recycle them (one less thing to clean!), and their fancy feel will make the bride feel like a queen. Tower them near the champagne bar for a picture perfect moment!

Bonus Tip: Order more than you need and bring extra to the party—that way, you’re doubly protected if any break in transit or at the event.

  1. Personalized Sunglasses

Or pins. Or sashes. Really anything with the bridal party’s names on it. Consider the bride’s taste and where you’re going before choosing your item. For example, if your bride is easygoing and you’re spending the day shopping in the city, consider these personalized sunglasses for a chic and fun way to unify the group. Sunglasses won’t work for a nighttime base, so consider pins or sashes for that.

Bonus Tip: Don’t wait for ladies to RSVP before ordering—instead, order once you know the guest list. Bridesmaids who weren’t able to make it won’t feel left out, and you’ll save yourself the hassle of last-minute changes to plan.

  1. Mini Emergency/Hangover Kits

If there’s going to be drinking, plan ahead! Chances are most of the ladies will be in a new place—be it a hotel or someone’s house—and won’t know where the aspirin or cups are. Don’t make them ask! Have little necessities prepared ahead of time, or lay out all the items in a common spot for easy access. Even if no one needs it, they’ll be thankful you were prepared.

Bonus Tip: Check in early! If you’re staying at a hotel or home away from home, arrive before the guests so you can set up all the goodies. Pop the water in the fridge, and make a champagne flute tower. Give yourself about an hour to festive-ize the place.

  1. Music for Getting Ready

Set the tone for the party with a beat! Again, keep the bride and the itinerary in mind. And don’t forget something to play it on—no, your phone doesn’t count. In a room (or whole apartment!) of girls getting ready, a phone won’t be heard over the excited chatter.

Bonus Tip: Create a share-able playlist for the guests to add songs they like. This creates less work for you, and allows the bridesmaids to participate in the planning. Spotify, Google Music , and Flo all allow collaborative playlists.

  1. Temporary Tattoos

Add a fun twist to the getting ready ritual with temporary tattoos. Buy a variety of styles and designs so everyone can choose what they like. Not only will this be more reinforcement that you’re a group, it’s also a way for everyone to get ready together and get to know each other—you can’t easily put a temporary tattoo on yourself!

Bonus Tip: Offer a variety of words and symbols or designs. Most of the group will use more designs than words—which is OK! Plan for that, and let them have fun with it. Then those few word tattoos like “Bride” or “Maid of Honor” or “Bride Tribe” will stand out even more.

  1. Party Games

No, not typical “getting to know the bride” games—though there’s nothing wrong with those! But try kicking it up a notch with some Bachelorette Party Dare Cards. Each guest picks from the deck and has to complete a dare to earn a point. The girl with the most points at the end wins! These decks are usually small enough to fit in a purse or clutch, so they’re easily hidden.

Bonus Tip: You can still play this even if you’re not having a night on the town! A friendly barista might still be willing to serenade the bride, and certainly the couple in the booth next to you would be willing to take a group selfie!

No matter what you do for the party, or what special add-ons you choose, the most important bachelorette bonus tip is to always ask yourself, “Is this something the bride will enjoy?” She is the center of the whole celebration, so make sure it’s a day (or night!) she’ll remember fondly.

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