Superbowl Football on Field

Superbowl LIII is almost here! On February 3, to be exact. That means it’s time to start creating your Superbowl Sunday game plan. If you’re like those of us in New England—the sooner you start shopping, the better your chances are that stores aren’t already sold out.

We’ve compiled twelve football-themed ideas to kick off your planning. If you’re unsure how much football is too much football—remember, it’s always better to have  extra decorations you don’t use than to not have enough.

1. Tableware

We’re talking plates, napkins, cups—all of it! But they don’t all have to be football pattern. Include some variety by mixing in your team colors, or using green to represent the field.

2. Serving Plates

Or even utensil and napkin holders. By doing this, you can “get away” with white or non-themed items, so long as they’re in something that’s football. You have plenty of DIY options, but of course there are always things you can only find in the stores.

Black and White Football Team

3. Whistles

You may want to hand these out at the end as party favors. But if you’re daring, pass them around when the Superbowl starts and play your own game—anyone watching who has a bad attitude loses their whistling privileges until the next commercial.

4. Dessert

Impress your friends with upright cupcakes, football field cakes, or football strawberries. They’re the perfect combination of festive and delicious.

Bonus Tip: Cakes make a perfect focal point on your food or dessert table.

5. Balloons

Hang them on your front porch or mailbox so friends know which house is yours. Or just to show your team spirit! Remember to buy these the morning of, or rent a helium tank if you plan to have a few dozen.

6. Appetizers

Football Strawberries


Because guests will be distracted by the game and socializing, stick to finger foods as best you can. Bigger items will mean more mess as fans are jumping and moving around. Try these jalapeño poppers (they sort of resemble footballs, right?) or football-themed deviled eggs.

7. Invitations

Every already knows the date and time, but they don’t know that you’re having a party. Include instructions on bringing an appetizer and where to park. And remember to ask everyone to RSVP so you know how many teammates you’ll need to feed.

8. Hats

Ask everyone to come wearing their team beanie and take a group photo—chances are few people will have the same hat, so it will make for a great picture. Especially if your team wins!

9. Flags

Turn this into a game, too. Everyone gets three yellow and one red. If someone throws a flag and the ref doesn’t, they lose that flag. However, if the ref matches their flag, they get to keep it. Whoever has the best track record wins!

12 Superbowl Must-Haves

10. Blankets

Time to get out those football blankets. Guests may not use them, but have a couple handy on the couch and in the living room just in case. After all, it is only February.

11. Foam Footballs

To recreate the awesome plays, of course. Throw small foam footballs around during commercial breaks, or pass one around to determine who’s on drink refill duty next time.

12. Tablecloths

We recommend a field tablecloth for your Superbowl party. It’s definitely not to scale, but friends can strategize around the dips and snacks for their game-winning plate.


While you want your party to be perfect, remember that the whole point of watching the Superbowl is the have fun. And also for your team to win—while having fun! If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, ask a friend or two to come early and help set up. Or ask everyone to bring an appetizer as their entrance fee.

And most importantly—don’t forget to wear your team jersey!