Event business is being generated online at a phenomenal rate.  Event Professionals need to know what to expect when dealing with online requests.  We’ve compiled 10 facts about leads on Eventective that should help you build your event business with us:

  1. Eventective ReferralReferrals are Always Free – Referrals are submitted by Eventective Users interested in learning about a specific venue or service for their event.  These inquiries include complete details for their event, and are provided at no cost.  Contact information for these users is one click away – it couldn’t be easier to pursue business.
  2. Our Leads are created by Real People – On average, over 37,000 Eventective users submit requests on the site each month.  These Leads are shared with Event Professionals in the Eventective Pay-Per-Lead Program who choose to pursue the business they see as a good fit.
  3. Leads Work for those who Work Leads – Responding to leads is hard work.  Determining which leads are a good fit, connecting with the prospect, closing the deal – these are the hard parts of selling a service or product.  For those who are not afraid of working hard, Eventective Leads are a great source of business for any event professional.
  4. Templates Save Time– Eventective offers message templates for sending consistent responses to requests every time.  Your Templates feature variables to automatically personalize your response, and even allow you to upload a variety of attachments making responding to leads quick and easy.
  5. Persistence Pays – Folks are busy.  With so many distractions in our lives, it’s hard to connect online.  That’s why Eventective recommends our three-part approach to selling.  Be persistent and people will respond.
  6. Refunds are Available – In the event that a purchased lead is non-responsive, any Eventective client with an active Subscription can request refunds.  No questions asked. 
  7. Events Being Planned in Your AreaGet Leads in Email – Event Professionals may opt in or out of receiving leads via email at any time.  Choose to receive each lead as they are submitted, or choose to receive a twice-weekly summary of leads in your area.
  8. Get Referrals Only – Event Professionals may opt in or out of the Pay-Per-Lead Program at any time. You will always receive free Referrals.  Choose to receive messages from only those Eventective Users contacting your business directly.
  9. Configure Lead Preferences – Eventective gives Event Professionals control of which Competitive Leads are sent.  Set preferences on your My Eventective page.  Referrals come from users contacting you directly, therefore these messages are not filtered by your Preferences.
  10. Volume Discounts Available – Purchasing lead credits lowers the overall cost of leads.  Eventective increases the purchasing power of your lead dollars up to 30% when you invest in pre-paid credit.  Combine that discount with a subscription plan for even more savings.

Eventective is working to get you the most event business at a reasonable rate.  We never charge a commission on closed deals. We don’t stand between you and your customer.  And Eventective offers refunds for leads that don’t meet expectations.

Let Eventective work for you.