We at Eventective talk a lot about package pricing.  But what exactly is a package?  One definition of the word ‘package’ is: a proposition, offer, or thing for sale in which separate items are offered together as a single or inclusive unit

Venue Packages

Many venues offer packages that include food and beverage along with the function room as either a buffet or sit-down service for a set price per person.  This will appeal to the planner looking for a full-service event and has the budget to pay for it. 

However, a package can also be a simple no-frills room rental.  This will capture the attention of the budget-conscious planner seeking a do-it-yourself option.   Many venues create packages to promote mid-week deals to fill open dates on their booking calendar. 

Vendor Packages

For most event service providers, a package is pretty straightforward.  A photographer or DJ may offer packages that vary in the length of service, or the level of features offered along with their services.  For caterers, packages offer different menu items at different price points.   

In all cases, the purpose of posting Packages on your listing is to give planners an idea of what they can expect to spend for your services.  It is important to provide a range of prices, if possible, list your most basic service, your most common service, and your most extravagant service.  By displaying your full spectrum of services, you expose yourself to a wider range of budgets. 

If your pricing varies by event type, don’t be afraid to create different packages for each event type – wedding, party, meeting. Eventective will display the relevant pricing to targeted audiences.

Where Budget Meets Cost

When your Eventective profile displays pricing, you help visitors determine the budget for their event, and find event providers that fit that budget.  And just as important, we connect you with clients whose budget fits your price point.  If we can spare you the time spent weeding out clients that cannot afford your services, then Eventective is working for you.

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