A wedding is a joyous occasion in cultures all around the world. While many couples opt for traditional weddings with banquet halls, white gowns, and cultural normalcy, there are those who march down the aisle to the beat of a different drum. I’d like to introduce you to some truly unique couples who celebrated their big day in a truly unique way.

Wedding Planning for Unordinary Couples

Under the Sea

If you’re looking for out-of-the-ordinary wedding venues, Seattle, Washington should be your first stop. For Amber Arnell and Jeff Hurt, the filthy—albeit historic—Seattle Underground was the spot for their loving I dos. The site is Seattle’s first tidal flat, which is where all the mud collects from rivers and tides—and this one was built well before modern-day plumbing. The neglected netherworld of leaking pipes, ruined gambling and prostitution dens, and rat droppings might seem like a most unromantic spot to exchange wedding vows—but not to Amber and Jeff!

Another popular and rather unusual wedding venue in Seattle is the Ring of Life exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium. The happy couple stands in the middle of a circular tank filled with sensually pulsating jellyfish, exchanging their wedding vows as the vibrating critters search for lunch. For an evening weekend wedding, the betrothed pair can expect to spend about $2,000 for the honor of getting married, jellyfish style.

Out of This World

Well above sea level, we meet Katie and Darren McWalters, an English couple who tied the knot 1,000 feet in the air while they were strapped to the wings of two biplanes. The bride’s dress fluttered wildly in the wind as the reverend—who flew ahead of the couple—married them over an airborne communications system.

If far out is the place you want to be, consider a wedding in space. The first-ever space wedding took place in August 2003. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko married US citizen Ekaterina Dmitriev in a video-teleconference wedding ceremony where the bride stood on earth next to a cardboard cutout of the groom and they exchanged vows while he was in orbit!

Somewhere In Between

If you don’t like jellyfish, and the Underground isn’t really your scene, you still have options. Have your special day officiated by someone or something a little bit…different. The first robot-officiated wedding was made possible thanks to Hanool Robotics. In 2007, Seok Gyeong-Jae was married by the South Korean mechanical master of wedding ceremonies, Tiro the Robot. Gyeong-Jae was one of Tiro’s designers, so there’s a good chance this was both a monumental and sentimental moment for the groom—you know, aside from getting married.

Not a robotics engineer? In Quebec circa 2001, a couple exchanged wedding rings in a hotel made of ice! Even the champagne glasses were made of ice. The newlyweds claimed that all the snow and ice symbolized the purity of marriage—so we hope they never live in a tropical climate.

Perhaps that isn’t as risqué as the latest vogue in China. Despite discouragement from China’s more conservative leadership, many newlyweds are having their wedding photos taken while in the nude! The trend is catching on as young brides wear nothing but a veil and a smile while posing for pictures. Meant to cut costs for young couples with little-to-no budget for a wedding, an expensive gown and tux are nixed, as is a typical ceremony with family and friends. Don’t worry, though—there will be plenty of photos for their wedding album for all posterity (and posteriors) to behold!

Anything and nothing is sacred when it comes to personalizing a wedding ceremony. Proceed at your own risk, but remember that the wedding memories you create will last a lifetime!