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Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or entertaining friends, your at-home bar serves many purposes. For many homes, it’s a source of relaxation and appreciation. And while traditional registries include bed linens, bath towels, and cooking pans—those aren’t the only rooms that can use a newly wed upgrade. Add boozy registry items on your list, and give your at-home bar a refresh.

Having a well-stocked home bar is about being prepared. Even if you don’t use it every day (or every week!) there are staple items that come in handy when you need them. Plus, there are some luxury items that are perfect for celebrating or hosting—which you may choose to do more of post-wedding.

Before you start adding to your boozy registry, plan out your space. In some cases, you may have a whole room. But more commonly, you’ll dedicate a corner of the living or dining room for your home bar. Knowing your space will help you choose items that will fit and match the rest of the room. So while you’re adding monogrammed hand towels and mug sets to your registry, consider these must-have items for any home bar or entertaining space.

Bar Cart

Of course, you need somewhere to put all your wonderful boozy registry gifts! Before choosing your new cart, consider what items you’ll want to store on it, and what room it will live in. This will help you determine its size and style. Typically, a bar cart is used for mixed drinks or slow-sipping liquor, like scotch. If you only drink wine, consider a stationary wine cabinet for your bottles and glasses.

Decanter of Choice

boozy wedding register must-haves

Whether you drink wine or whiskey, the right decanter will give you a tasty pour every time. Wine decanters are usually delicate and top-less, to encourage oxidation and the releasing of flavors and aromas. On the other hand, whiskey decanters are usually more durable, and designed for visual appeal—and not for enhancing your drink. Decanters often come with matching drinking glasses, too. So if your current glasses won’t match your new decanter—put glasses on your boozy registry.

Engraved Barware

Do you and your soon-to-be have a fancy liquor that you share on special occasions? Or maybe you have a game day beer tradition? Engraved glasses make your boozy tradition or memory even more personal. For a unique look, engrave your initials, last name, or wedding date on the glasses. Or choose a nickname or inside joke from your early years together. Just be sure to write clear instructions on your boozy registry list!

Cheese Board

cheese platter

Okay, this isn’t technically a boozy item. But who doesn’t eat cheese, fruit, or meats with their wine? Much like your barware, you can engrave a serving board for your new life together.

Bonus Tip: If your board doesn’t come with knives and serving utensils, put those on the list!

There are other ways to customize it, too. Traditionally, cheese boards are wooden. But you can still choose how light or dark the wood is, the size and shape, and even whether it has a handle. For a modern twist, utilize a serving tray. (Just don’t cut on it!)

High-End Coasters

Coasters are both functional and decorative. The color, texture, or shape of your coasters ties the entire room together, while protecting your valuable furniture. But durable coasters can get pricey, and they usually only come in packs of four. So if you’ve had your eye on a nice set—or need a bunch for your parties—put ’em on your registry!

Wine Opener

boozy registry wine opener

No wine lover’s boozy registry is complete without a no-fuss bottle opener! Choose from electric, corkscrew, winged corkscrew—the list goes on. What’s important is that you don’t have to put your back into opening a bottle of wine! If you’re worried about cost, there are a variety of options ranging from very expensive to very affordable. Depending on how often you use it—and if your wine of choice has particularly hard corks—you can find the perfect opener at a price point you’re comfortable with.

Anniversary Bottle

What do you and your soon-to-be like to share on special occasions? Ask guests to pitch in for a high-quality bottle to open on your anniversary. It can be your one-, five-, or ten-year. (Or maybe one for each!) Registries like ThirtsyNest are the barware-and-alcohol equivalent of a home registry from Bed Bath and Beyond. Or, you can request a membership to the Beer or Wine of the Month Club.

Wine Fridge or Mini Fridge

mini fridge

Of course, to use your new barware, you’ll need drinks! And some of those drinks are best served chilled. Even if you have a designated bar area in your home, a mini fridge can fit in any room. It’s perfect for storing mixers, beer, or chilled wines—without taking up room in your main refrigerator.


Whether you just need to freshen up your bar cart accessories, or you need a bar cart to start, your boozy registry is completely customizeable. Beginner’s can add bar staples—like a muddler, shaker, and mixing spoon—to their list. More advanced home bartenders will appreciate a bar cart or cabinet upgrade. And the connoisseurs can register for special occasion bottles to share.

What would you put on your boozy registry? What are your at-home bar must-haves?