The fall equinox, also known as autumnal equinox, marks the official end of summer and beginning of autumn. It’s also the first day the Earth is at an equilibrium, meaning the sun is directly above the equator. During the equinox, you can expect the day and night to be equal lengths. Then, the days start to grow shorter for the winter months. 

When does it happen?

The fall equinox happens in late September every year. This year, it will take place on Saturday, September 23rd.

How should you celebrate?

As seasons change, it’s a good idea to take time to reflect. Whether you want to throw a party to celebrate the shift to autumn or take extra time for yourself, there are a few ways you can celebrate Fall Equinox.

8 Ways to Celebrate the Fall Equinox

Look for ways to honor the balance of the fall equinox and implement it into your own life. Reflect the summer that has passed and look ahead to the cooler months that are right around the corner.

Be in Nature

Go for a hike, collect fallen leaves, make nature crafts, set up a bird feeder… the ideas are endless! You can walk in the park or just spend time in your garden culling the summer plants and preparing to winterize your garden for the colder months. It’s the perfect time to be outside with the crisp, cool temperatures.

Decorate Your Home

Put up fall decor, add autumnal scented candles, make your home cozy and ready for the changing season. Swap bright summer colors for muted, earthy colors and get out your favorite throw blankets!

Attend a Harvest Festival

To celebrate the new season, go to a fall or harvest festival to enjoy all things that come with autumn. Many towns will have a fall festival and cities may have street parties or block parties where you can enjoy a variety of seasonal foods. It’s a perfect event to enjoy with your loved ones, neighbors, and community.

Make Seasonal Recipes

Go apple picking or check out a farmers market for fall fruits and vegetables. Honor the harvest by making delightful fall recipes like apple crisp or roasted squash. Have a potluck and invite friends and family to bring their favorite autumn dishes.

Reflect and Express Gratitude

Fall equinox is a great time to slow down from the summer rush and find balance — particularly because the day is about equilibrium. Reflect on what you feel needs to be balanced in your life. You can do this by journaling, expressing gratitude, and/or setting goals for the next few months.

Have a Bonfire

If you want to commune with friends and family, throw a bonfire. This is a great way to be in nature even while nights get cooler. You can have hot cider, roast hot dogs, and toast marshmallows. For those interested in astrological aspects, download a stargazing app and look for constellations. 

Declutter Your Space

We know about spring cleaning, but as the season shifts from summer to fall, the equinox is another great time to refresh your space. Go through your summer clothes, pulling the ones to donate and then put the rest away. Declutter throughout your house AND your technology — this is a great time to delete the apps you don’t use or reflect on the ones you may use a little too much.

Plan Future Gatherings

Summer is all hustle and bustle, but as winter comes, life slows down a bit. It can get gloomy with the shorter days, longer nights, and colder weather. Combat the future winter blues by having things to look forward to during those months. Use the equinox to plan a few dinner parties, game nights, or gatherings with friends and family.