With the cooler weather and shorter daylight, it’s tempting to stay inside. Why not have a craft party with friends? We’ve put together a list of craft party ideas to inspire you.

Light some cozy candles, brew some tea or open a bottle of wine, and chase away any impending winter blues with your friends or family. Almost everything you need for each of these DIY nights can be found at your local craft store or in your craft box at home.

Channel your inner artist with these 15 DIY craft party ideas:

Paint Night

This is a longtime favorite for many people – so much so that there are businesses that host paint and sip nights. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, then you can host a paint-and-wine (or just paint!) night at home. Here’s all you need: small canvases, brushes, paints, and some inspiration.

Woman knitting
Photo by Miriam Alonso

Knitting / Crochet / Weaving

Have a “yarn party” with your friends and everyone can trade their favorite patterns, teach each other new stitches, and enjoy new projects together.

Friendship Bracelets

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour brought friendship bracelets back in style — have your friends over for a good old fashioned friendship bracelet making experience. Whether you make bracelets with beads or channel your sleepaway camp days with gimp bracelets, the best part is always swapping them with your friends.

Friendship bracelets craft idea
Photo by Miriam Alonso

Bead-and-Wire Jewelry

If you have a steady hand and some patience, making jewelry with glass beads and wire can be satisfying and beautiful. You’ll need glass beads, jewelry wire, and jewelry pliers. You can buy supplies or kits online or at craft stores.


For this craft, you will need wax melts and candle wicks, but the fun part of this is that you can reuse old candle votives or make your own. As long as it’s a vessel with a bottom and sides, it can be turned into a candle! Candles in teacups, in bowls, in tiny flower pots… you name it, you can candle it.

Pottery craft project
Photo by Taryn Elliott


While it’s a little tricky to get a pottery wheel and kiln into your own house, you can still make pottery. There are kits with all the materials you need, and they’re easy to send to a far-away friend for a long-distance craft night.

Paint Pottery

If you don’t want to make pottery from scratch, painting pottery is a great option. You can design the perfect mug for yourself, decorate plates, or paint bowls with cute messages at the bottom — just remember to use food-safe paint.

Paper Flowers

This craft is great if you’re also looking for some home decor or decorations for a party —  you can even make these for a wedding centerpiece or bouquet. Paper flowers come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever color your heart desires. 

Sign craft idea
Photo by Jessica Lewis

Painted Signs

Similar to painting a canvas, you can paint wood boards to make signs as home decor. Think of your favorite word, phrase, or quote and you can paint it on a sign. Classic examples are “Welcome,” “Happy Holidays,” “Home,” or your family name.

Coloring Pages

Life is too short to color inside the lines! Make your own color pages or grab coloring books, and let your crayons and markers go wild.


A needle and thread can be a diverse art form. From needlepoint and cross stitch to embroidery patterns, you can make so much with so little. Many craft stores sell whole kits with embroidery hoops, patterns, and colored thread. Another fun idea, especially for people who like a little less structure, is to embroider onto your favorite clothing to make custom art.

String and Nail Art

If you’re looking for a unique craft, then nail and string art is for you. Typically you take a small board and make a design out of nails, usually in the shape of a heart or star, and then you wrap string around the nails in an alternating pattern.

Tie dye craft idea
Photo by Teona Swift

Tie Dye 

This may be more of a summer craft as it’s better to do it outside, but you can never go wrong with a tie dye! Any light fabric works, from old pillow cases to white shirts to hats and more. Or, you can reverse tie dye and use dark colored fabric with a bleach solution.

Flower Arranging

This is easy to do and doesn’t require much supplies. Just invite everyone to bring a bunch of their favorite flowers and greens — either from the grocery store or maybe their yard, a vase, and scissors. Bonus if you have ribbons to wrap around the bundle, but not necessary.

Pressed flower craft idea
Photo by Merve Bayar

Pressed Flowers

Similar to flower arranging, you can have a flower pressing party with dried or fresh flowers. Either way, you get to preserve beauty for a later date and admire it forever. You can buy flower pressing kits or use wax paper and heavy books.

Nail Art Party

This idea might just squeak by as a craft but it’s just as fun and creative! All you need is a selection of nail polish, tiny detail paint brushes, and any nail stickers or gems. 

No matter what art looks like to you, let your imagination run free with these craft party ideas! Enjoy time away from screens and share an evening with friends or family. For more creative party ideas, explore our blog.