Eventective Simplifies Request Form

At the end of June, Eventective rolled out our new, simplified Direct Request Form.   The new form is designed to streamline the submission of Direct Referrals and reduce the abandon rate – people giving up on the form because it was so intimidating.  The new form collects only the pertinent details of the event and passes them along to you. 

The end result is more direct requests – direct requests are up more than 20% in the short time since we rolled out the new form – and higher quality leads – we’ve seen a 33% increase in the number of requests including phone numbers.

In addition, the Direct Referral notification email now includes a link to the lead information.   All the contact information for the Eventective user interested in your business is just one click away.  

Be sure to follow up on these Direct Referrals because these are real people planning real events in your area.  Don’t miss out on your chance to win their business.

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