The Savvy Online Marketer knows where their business is coming from.  They have set up all the website tracking tools and know the age, gender and hair color of every person who clicks through their virtual door.  The Savvy Online Marketer tracks Return on Investment (ROI), they know how much money they make for every dollar they spend online.  The Savvy Online Marketer controls their search destiny, they know what the public sees when people search for their business online.

It is tough to be a Savvy Online Marketer, but it’s not impossible.  Here are some tips on getting started.

Use Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle offers a free tool to track statistics about the traffic to your website and the sources of that traffic.  Yes, it can be daunting for the technologically challenged among us to consider setting up website tracking, but there are several easy-to-follow tutorials on You Tube.   And this video by Ian Lurie provides some direction into what to look for once you have Analytics up and running on your site.  

Track ROI

Using Google Analytics, you can determine which of your online marketing investments are delivering you the most traffic.  To do this, review the top sources of all traffic to your website on a monthly basis.  Compare your traffic list with your monthly payments for any online advertising you purchased in the same month and you can calculate your return on investment in terms of visitors per dollar. 

When advertising widely online, it becomes difficult to pinpoint which avenue attracted a specific client, so it is always a good practice to ask clients how they found your business.


Control Your Destiny


Search for your business in Google and other search engines.  If your business website is not the first result listed, make note of which third-party sites are ranking better than you and make sure they are representing you correctly.  Click through to any third-party listing for your business and verify that the information they have about you is up to date and accurate.  Take ownership of the listings on third-party sites to make sure people searching for you are seeing the information you want them to see.

Controlling how your business is perceived online is a critical element in marketing your business.  Couple that with an awareness of traffic sources and measurable ROI and you have just become a Savvy Online Marketer.