Advertising Subscription

Our Advertising Subscription is Eventective's pay-one-price option. You pay up-front for the most complete exposure for your business. Our best advertising value, Advertising Subscription sets no limits to the number of unique visitors delivered to your listing. With this option, your ad displays prominently in search results for any or all cities you choose in your metro and your category. Your ad also displays on competitor, non-advertiser listings in your area. As a Featured Partner you will experience increased traffic to your Eventective listing, website and ultimately your business.

Featured Partner Listings rotate in both the center and right-hand columns for search results in all cities in a metro. Your ad also appears in rotation on competitor listings in your metro. As an advertiser, your business detail page contains neither competitive nor third party ads (including Google Ads). Eventective promotes your brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long in all the cities in your metropolitan area.

Payment Plans to Fit Your Budget

Choose the payment option that fits your marketing budget. Pay for your one-year subscription with one yearly payment, four quarterly payments, or twelve monthly payments, whichever works for you. Discounts apply for Quarterly (10%) and Yearly (20%) payments.

Detailed Reporting

Eventective will provide you with a detailed account of the traffic to your listing. We'll include details such as whether visitors clicked through to your website, viewed your packages, sent you an inquiry, even what search terms brought them to our site and eventually your listing. Reporting is important to determining the return on your investment. We want you to be confident that Eventective is working for you.

View our Advertising Webinar to hear how Eventective can help promote your business:

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