Wedding planning season is here, and so is wedding scamming season. January is the busiest month for event planning due to December engagements, renewed corporate budgets and family resolutions to make this year better than last. Traffic is way up on Eventective, and hopefully your phone has been ringing non-stop. But as often happens this… Read More

Identifying Leads to Pursue When selecting a lead, keep in mind whether the lead matches the client profile in your market.  Here is an example.  If you are a DJ specializing in high-end weddings and receive a lead in your market area that specifies a budget of $300 to $500, the likelihood is you should… Read More

The best way for your business to appeal to a wide audience is to post your basic pricing online.  “How much do you cost?” is one of the first questions any client asks.  So why not answer the question before they call, saving you both time in determining if your services fit their budget.  … Read More

Eventective Message Templates feature easy-to-use Template Variables.  Template Variables work like merge codes in a document.  Simply add the Variables from the drop-down list on the template builder.  You can update existing templates or create new ones in no time at all. Details included in the Eventective event request — like the name of the… Read More

The Eventective Event Manager is a powerful tool for building your business.  We put together the following tips and tricks to help make pursuing new clients easier and more efficient. Create Templates Respond quickly and consistently with custom templates including any pre-determined details you choose.  Create templates for several different common responses.  Attach pertinent information… Read More

Eventective makes it easy to find and respond to business opportunities – leads and referrals.  The Event Manager is built to work for you, whether you’re an occasional lead buyer or a Premium power user. Lead Market Quickly view all the leads in your area in the Lead Market using desktop or mobile devices.  Click… Read More

Eventective delivers a constant stream of opportunities to win event business. Event requests come in two varieties, Referrals and Competitive Leads. A Referral is a request submitted direct to your business and is always free. Competitive Leads are generated when a visitor expresses interest in hearing from multiple Event Professionals for their event. Referrals –… Read More

  Birthdays occur on every single day of the year- even leap days! This allows for many different styled birthday parties to be planned. With so many possibilities, party locations need to be ready to handle the planner’s ideas and needs. Since there are hundreds of styles out there, we have decided to focus on… Read More

Many hotels and meeting venues look to book weekday events to bring in more revenue. If your meeting space is empty, that’s a lost opportunity. Some businesses don’t market their meeting spaces effectively, or don’t have the right equipment available to attract corporate customers. Eventective has 3 tips to help you to start booking more… Read More

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: creating content is a great marketing strategy for building your online business. That’s all well and good, but what exactly is “content” and how do you create it? That part is a little more complicated, which is why we’ve created yet another handy guide to help… Read More